Going Unplugged....

I'm going unplugged....

I have decided to unplug myself for ONE month starting on the 1st of August. What does unplugged mean. Well for me I have decided to basically not touch the computer and unplug myself from blogging, pinterest (oh dear), facebook, instagram and all other social media sites, websites and blogs. 
I am going to basically walk away from technology for a month! Sounds a bit scary doesn't it?

Why am I doing this? Well I feel like I need it. With the last 3 months of super intense work doing this freelance food photography gig I feel like I need some time to myself, more quality time with my little boy and with my husband. I will be running away from technology and the distraction of Facebook. I have come to realise I rely way to much on these distractions and feel like it is not healthy anymore. So it's time to disconnect for a time to reboot my system (pun intended). I will be deleting the facebook, instagram and pinterest apps from my phone to stop any temptation occurring - which I am sure will happen in the first week. There is will be scheduled posts in the month of august so I will not have run away from you completely!

So I will bid you adieu and see you in the spring time!

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