Supercharged Food For Kids: Review

 As a mum to a very busy one year old, I know how important it is to serve up nutritious, kid friendly food that my little guy will eat.  I want to serve food that will nourish my child and make him grow big and strong. Nothing that is full of additives, preservatives, nasty numbers and who knows what else!!! Do I hear an AMEN from all you mums?

I am finding that as J.D gets older his eagerness and willingness to try new things is waning a bit. Ever the persevering parent I continue to offer new, healthy gifts of food to try and tantalise his young taste buds. Sometimes these offerings are taken with relish and demolished within seconds, other times they get waved around in the air between fore-finger and thumb and promptly dropped to the floor in disgust. The joys of parenthood eh? So what do we feed out little people to help them grow big and strong?

I was given the opportunity read and review an Ebook for you dear readers called Supercharged Food For Kids. The book was written by Lee Holmes, a former English teacher, health coach and creator of Supercharged This is Lee's second book, this one aimed at educating parents on what foods to fuel our kids and feeding the ankle biters healthy, nutritious, wholesome, unprocessed foods that taste GREAT! Isn't the the most important thing? Finding foods that our kids are going to eat and that we know is going to be beneficial for their long term health and well being. What about allergies and intolerances and behavioural problems linked to food? This is where the book steps up, it offers not only allergy friendly recipes that cater for the myriad of issues that plague some children such as nut, dairy and gluten but it also has included sugar free and vegetarian recipes as well. Lee specifically created this book for the growing number of children who suffer from food allergies and intolerance's, conditions such as asthma, ADHD, hyperactivity, obesity, dental problems, digestive issues, learning disorders and difficulties that can be aggravated by food.

 In the opening chapters of the book Lee talks your through the steps how to remove the highly processed foods from your child's diet and what nutritious and tasty replacements to make. I read through the book twice just to soak in the recipes that Lee had created and to figure out what I wanted to test from the book myself. With over 80 +  tasty recipes to choose from I had a hard time deciding.  Some of my favourites are recipes like Chocolate Popsicles, Chocolate Cake, Chicken Nuggets, Pirate Muesli Bars and the myriad of lunchbox ideas just to name a few. I decided to make three recipes from the book: Zoo Poo (fudgy chocolate balls - I loved the name of this recipe), Supercharged Breakfast Bars and a Gluten Free Pita Pocket.

The recipes were really easy to follow and I had on hand most of the ingredients required to make them. J.D adored the gluten free pita pocket slathered with avocado for lunch the other day and finished it off with a bite of chocolate goodness from the Zoo Poo. Gosh kids are going to love that recipe I think - just for the name of it! I enjoyed a piece of the Supercharged Breakfast Bar alongside a cup of tea this morning. It hit the spot. I will most definitely be cooking from this book on a regular basis, not only to feed my son but to feed myself as well. Due to my dairy intolerance I am always on the hunt for healthy, wholesome and tasty recipes that will be kind to my stomach.

Lee has kindly given me permission to share with you one of the recipes from her book. I have decided to share the Supercharged Breakfast Bars because they make a great lunch box filler and a quick breakfast for mum or dad on the run.

The motto on the front of the book is "Building stronger, healthier, brighter kids from the ground up" and I think the book delivers on that. You can purchase the book here for $18.

Just to let you know I have chosen to become a part of the affiliate program to this book, which means I receive a percentage of the sale if you choose to purchase this book. Please know that I only feature products that I think are helpful, of a high standard and that I would use myself.

I thought I would share this parting shot with you! This is what happens when you have a 1 year old as a your photography assistant... luckily I had taken all the shots I needed! No crying over spilt milk eh?

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