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Over the weekend hubby and I went to the Ergon Energy Flower Food & Wine Festival, which is part of the Toowoomba Carnival Flowers held annually in our city. It brings in throngs of people over the weekend to look at the gorgeous flower displays in the local parks, eat great food and drink fabulous wine. Food and Wine Festival was a great day out for us to spend some time together as a family and to enjoy some great food, cooking demonstrations and wonderful wine. One of the highlights was making our way around the local wineries showing off their wares and having a tipple of their best.

I will say right off the mark I am no wine connoisseur but I know what I like and I know what I don't. Hubby and I have enjoyed our fair share of good and bad wines over the years we have been married. The favourites written in stone and stored with great care for a special occasion. We don't drink on a regular occurrence but save cracking open a bottle for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary's or to celebrate something in particular. There is the odd occasion where a good chilled glass of white wine on a humid summer evening, listening to the crickets hum in the background and simple conversation with those dear to you just seems right. No celebration necessary.

I was given the opportunity to taste and review these two bottles of wine by Wine Selectors from their Chef Series. The first bottle we tried was a 2011 Pinot Noir by Chef Ian Pamentor. (RRP $44)

The description of this wine is probably one of the best I've read...

One does not simply drink Pinot Noir, one must accept Pinot Noir after qualifying to receive her offerings. This lady of perfection has a vibrant and fine cherry red colour. Her bouquet is powerful and allures with fragrance of violets and the comforting smell of the forest after spring rain. Her palate is nothing short of magnificent, her frame is slight yet incredibly powerful, and she evokes thoughts of the earth. Vibrant and lively on the palate, she has youth on her side, yet she is a complex creation. She will reward you now and age gracefully. Bliss!  

Does that make you want to sit down and have a glass or what! Whoever writes these literary masterpieces is a genius!

Each wine has then been matched with a recipe created by the Chef. The Pinot Noir was recommended to be served with Paramenters Roast Pork and Prune and Macademia Stuffing. I wanted to use what I already had in my pantry so I decided to make something equally as rich and made a spectacular dish of Slow Cooked Beef Ragu by Donna Hay. The Pinot Noir is a great wine to accompany a rich and fatty dish such as this pasta as it cuts through the richness and cleans the palate. Red wine & pasta - heaven! My husband said this was one of the best dishes I have cooked (thanks Donna Hay) and the wine fit the dish perfectly. If you're a avid Pinot Noir fan and love a good glass of red wine this bottle of wine would be perfect for you.

The second wine we selected to taste was a Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir by Alistair Mcleod (RRP $41) The description of this wine isn't nearly as evocative as the last one but still good all the same.

Few wines reflect the purity of fruit and the influence of subtle inputs as M├ęthode Champenoise sparkling wine. Every sip tells a story of the environment, of the varieties and the craftsmanship. Throughout history, sparkling wine and Champagne have punctuated events both grand and diminutive alike, all significant in their own right, and it is arguably because of the purity of product. Tasmania has established itself as Australia’s sparkling wine powerhouse. Its cold climate and mineral rich soils perfect for the nurturing of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for the crafting of sparkling wine. A pale straw colour with an extremely fine bead that lifts the beautiful aromas of fresh brioche from the extended time on yeast lees. The palate has mouth-watering natural acidity and flavours of cut apple and grains. This wine is perfectly balanced by powerful flavours and finesse along with a matched tightness of acid and mouth-filling texture from aging on lees in this very bottle.

This wine was matched with a dish created by Alistair of Rock Oysters, Saltwater Vinaigrette, Wakame.   Since I am not a oyster fan I decided to serve this wine with a simple grilled fillet of ling fish and a simple salad on a perfect warm spring evening. Although I am not usually a fan of bubbles this wine surprised me and I really enjoyed it with the fish. Slightly sweet, fruity with a nice punch at the end - girls you will enjoy this one!

If you are thinking of purchasing a few special bottles of wine why not have a look at the Chef Series over at Wine Selectors and make your choice.

{ I was given these bottles of wine to review. 
All opinions are my own and was not paid to write this post}

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