Queen Anne Display Cabinet

I surprised myself this past fortnight and managed to get a piece of furniture renovated. This sad looking retro display cabinet was in need of some serious love and attention. I picked this up last year sometime in an Op shop hunt and parked it under the house. I thought I would get round to it pretty soon but as usual, I got distracted, unmotivated, etc and it sat for some months getting dusty under the house.

Until one day I got a spurt of energy and decided to tackle it. It is a strange piece of furniture but I loved that it was a display cabinet. I have no idea why there is alfoil on the shelves. I guess whoever owned it was protecting the wood?? It was in pretty good condition with a few chips here and there on the wood veneer. I knew this would do up pretty nice with a coat of paint and a change of knobs.
Knobs change everything!

In one afternoon I was able to take the doors, knobs and hinges off the cabinet and give the whole piece a good sand. J.D was running around out the back while I was doing this and he was so intrigued at what mummy was doing. He picked up my screwdrivers that I was using to take the piece apart with and started pretending to screw the doors etc. Then once I had finished sanding he would pick the electric sander (turned off of course) and pretended to sand the wood making a brrrrrm sound as he went. It was so cute. He was claiming ownership of this piece and I think he will make a great apprentice furniture do-oer upper one day. Even when I hauled it inside after it was finished, he would pull out his plastic hammer and hammer away at the shelves. I had to stop him doing this though as I didn't want him to damage it.

I decided to sway away from the stark white look and try one of Rust-Oleums new colours in their 2x Ultra Cover range, which I have also used on this Queen Anne Settee. Keeping it simple I tried the Heirloom White for a bit of difference. The heirloom white has a creamy, almost latte tone to it giving it a warmth and elegance. I used five cans of paint to spray this entire piece. I did not have to undercoat it as the paint is a primer and paint in one. Bonus for this lazy painter. However if you did undercoat the piece you probably would only need to use about three cans in my estimations.

I purchased extra Crystal knobs when I did up the Queen Anne Settee to use on this cabinet. I knew they would make the piece pop and give it that extra zing. I bought them from eBay here. I manage to put it all back together and make the finishing touches to it late last week so this post is fresh off the press.

So let me show you the finished result...... tada!

I had heaps of fun filling it up with all my trinkets and favourite pieces from my kitchen hutch. I am sadly letting this go though as it is a little too tempting for my little boy to play with all the pieces on my shelves and in the cupboards. Since he thinks its his now and he has no qualms picking up all my china and carrying it around my tiled floors...eek. The day I had this set up to photograph I nearly went mad trying to stop him from touching it all the time! I am giving it to my sister-in-law who has just moved into an old federation style Queenslander house and I know it will definitely suit the space.



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