Summer Days


 Can I just say I am ready for summer to be over. I am sure those who have been experiencing the 40 degree heat like we have here in Queensland are raising their hands and saying Amen.  Summer isn't my favourite month however I seemed to enjoy it while we were away on holidays as it wasn't sweltering. Plus we had the beach and a pool at our disposal which makes things a little more bearable.

I haven't turned my oven on in over a week. It is just too hot and it leaves the house unbearable. I am gnawing at the bit to bake but the thought of a sweltering house changes my mind. We have been enjoying lots of BBQ's and salads on our deck enjoying the summer evening. I have been making up massive bowls of salad to use for a few days. When I have to use the oven I roast big batches of pumpkin to use in dishes later in the week. This saves me sweating it out everyday. I have even resorted to spreading out almond pulp (remnants of making almond milk) onto large trays and placing them into the sun to dry out. I just don't want to turn that oven on if I don't have to!

Sometimes there is not a breath of fresh air around and I am wishing for a fresh cool breeze to whip up and blow out the hot air in the house. Sleeping has been near impossible as it seems to get more humid in the middle of the night. We only have a portable air con in our lounge room and have to make do with a fan at night. Hubby has specifications on where the fan is pointed. Only at our feet and none blowing in the face. I love the fan blowing all over me so a compromise has to be reached. Who else has these little things going on?


Since it is way to hot to do anything outside I am stuck inside with a very boisterous  1 1/2 year old trying to keep occupied. Poor guy isn't sleeping to well during the day with this heat which leaves for an interesting evening. To keep myself occupied I have been fiddling around with my vignettes. You can read more about Vignettes here. My review of Sibella Courts book - Gypsy sprang back to mind and I have been having fun pulling together little decorative "moments" around the house. Plus it gave me a chance to pack up all the Christmas decorations and give the place a good dust and wipe down.


Other than that I have been wandering around the house feeling a little lost. The hectic lead up to Christmas and finishing of my third cookbook photography job for Lose Baby Weight has left me feeling like I should be doing something. It seems my life balances in the extremes - I am either totally overwhelmed or totally got nothing to do. I sent off my first article for the Mum's Business Website today. The article was about healthy back to school snacks. I developed three healthy snacks each ranging in different times you want to spend in the kitchen. I managed to nail a decent muesli bar recipe down after 3 attempts. I'll reveal what I made in a few weeks time but "Mum's" the word at the moment!


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