Weekly Stills Collection

A bunch of images collected during the week.....

 1. This is what I have been dwelling on this week.

2. He is obsessed with his Duplo at the moment. It is very cute to watch him play and make the appropriate "toot toot" with the train.

3. Is obsessed with having shoes on at the moment even though we aren't going out. He brings me a pair after he is dressed to put on.

4. I just finished putting together this piece of furniture. Hopefully I can reveal it next week.

5. I just realised how many push/wheeled toys he has. It's taking over his play room.

6. I have just wanted to crawl back into here a lot this week.

7. Picasso in the making. Letting our creative side come out.

8. I finished these block out curtains this week. Hoping to try and get J.D to sleep in longer. Still waiting for them to work!

 What plans do you have for the weekend??

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