Weekly Stills Collection

A collection of images taken throughout the week.....

1. I've been back behind the lens this week shooting some extra recipes for Lose Baby Weight's latest cookbook. This is my second take on these muffins. I burnt the first batch which left me less than impressed with myself! Would you believe I take most of my food photography in the garage. Great things happen in lowly places.

2. We have lived in this house for nearly four years and we've finally printed some canvas's of our travels to put on the wall. This picture was taken by my very talented husband. It is of Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.

3. Another shot taken by hubby. This one is of Russell Falls in Tasmania. Got to give it to Tassie for some breathtaking scenery. We got our canvas's printed here. Very happy with the quality of the print and the price.

4. It's been a bit of a long and rough week this week. To cheer myself up I bought some inspirational magazines. Delicious & Country Style always lift the spirits for me. Oh and don't forget the obligatory cup of tea.

5. We've a artist in the making here. Maybe. There is a few of mummy's doodles on there as well!  The crayon experience was short lived when J.D decided the paper wasn't enough and started on the walls.......

6. Love this little guy but boy oh boy does he wear me out! Currently trying to hammer everything in sight while talking incessantly on the phone! Do we have a tradie in the making??

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