10 Tips For Designing A New Kitchen - Part 2

So I'm back to share the remaining five tips left for designing a new kitchen. Last weeks post we basically talked about the leading up steps to the renovation. Today is when the fun begins and we talk about the process of the renovation. So lets dive in....

 Well demolition is probably a strong word but after you have chosen your colours, purchased your appliances and the cabinet maker has given the date that the kitchen is to be installed. It is time for the old kitchen to removed. This means having to empty all your cupboards out including your pantry. It's a painful job but just think of the new kitchen that you are going to get. I tended to stick all the kitchen equipment in a spare room in boxes or plastic tubs.
Now here is a money saving tip. If you remove the old kitchen yourself you can save a couple of hundred dollars than letting the cabinet maker and his crew do it. If you don't feel confident in doing this yourself than let the professionals do it. You may need a plumber in to help remove the kitchen plumbing side of it or a handy DIY friend. Another tip to earn some extra cash is to sell your old kitchen and stove. We sold our old kitchen and stove for a couple of hundred dollars. Take pictures of it before it is removed, measure up the dimensions and pop it up on Gumtree, eBay or a local buy and sell facebook page. You will be surprised who will buy it.

Once the hard yards of removing the old kitchen has been done it is time to stand back and let the professionals do the rest of the work. I would recommend either pre-cooking and freezing a few meals for the time your kitchen is out of action to save on money or if you're feeling thrifty order take out, or wrangle a dinner date with the in-laws. If you have small children it might be an idea to organise play dates or a babysitter during this time as it will be messy, dirty and dangerous for the kids to be wandering in and out of the area. Plus I don't think naps times will be easy either with hammering etc going on.

Keep your eyes peeled to what is going on with the installation of the kitchen. I noticed a few things along the way that weren't to our specifications and they had to send back items to be redone. Don't be afraid to speak up if you are not happy with something or it does not fit what you specified. However you do need to be balanced in our approach otherwise you will drive the tradies crazy with your pedantic nature.

Once the kitchen is fully completed give the whole space a once over. Open cupboard doors, pull out drawers etc. We noticed that our bench top had been chipped in the installation process so the cabinet maker had to come back and fix this up for us. Remember you are paying good money for this renovation so don't be afraid to point out faults. This goes for tradesmen too. Check the plastering and tiling as well.

Once the last speck of dust is cleaned up it is now time to enjoy your new kitchen.  Have fun styling the space with your possessions. My favourite bit was arranging my new pantry. Yeah I've got a problem.

So there you have it. My Top 10 Tips for Designing a New Kitchen. Happy renovating!

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