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If you've popped into The Whimsical Wife lately you might of seen a few changes happening to the look of the blog over the last few days. I've been dancing around updating the look of the blog for a few months now and finally bit the bullet last week and called in some help. I'd been browsing around the net looking for the perfect design for the blog. I wanted something called the "magazine layout" which basically shows snippets of each post with a small picture, in a line up on your front page. I wanted to create a bit more of a polished and professional look and give it more of a chic look. I thought I would have to transfer across to word press to find a design that would be similar to this as I hadn't seen any Blogger designs like this. However the thought of trying to transfer 300 and something posts across to another platform put stabs of fear into my heart. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Plus I was to stingy to have to pay for a self-hosted site. That was probably the crux of the matter.

I finally stumbled across a great site called Lovely Templates which has some great blogger templates. I finally selected one that I liked which was similar to the magazine style that I wanted and downloaded it. Unfortunatley I needed a little help uploading it and tweaking it to my specifications so I enlisted some help from the lovely Emily at Polka Dot Pixels who I found through etsy. She was very gracious and helpful in installing this template for me and making the changes that I needed to make it look spot on. I was going to try and do it myself but my html coding skills had diminished in the last 18 months since J.D was born and I didn't feel I could do it.

It all came together when I came across the perfect logo created by Renee at Pixel Polish. Again I found her by browsing through etsy. I'd been searching for the perfect logo for sometime like I was with the template and am so glad I came across this one. It fit perfectly with the theme of my blog. Don't ya think? Anyway I am still ironing out a few of the minor details and widgets on the blog but overall I am happy with the new look. Time to get back onto the bandwagon and pump out some more posts!

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