Hop on into Easter!

Easter is coming!! I feel like I just got over Christmas to be honest. Do you feel the same? To get into the Easter spirit I have been fiddling around in the kitchen trying to come up with something that mimicked the flavour of a hot cross bun with out the fuss. I've been doing this every Easter it seems with my Hot Cross Scrolls and my Hot Cross Bun Cookies.  Saving time in the kitchen has become a little bit important of late and I am always trying to find shortcuts and tricks to keep me moving. The end result of my experimentation was this cute "Cinni-Bunnywhich I put together for Mum's Business. Check out the link for the full recipe and instructions. These scrolls are bursting with juicy currants, brimming with delicious spices and eaten warm from the oven makes for a pretty nice treat. However to make the bunny face you will have to let the scrolls cool enough so you can add the bits and pieces to form the face without everything melting all over the place.  It makes for a great activity to keep the kids occupied as well.

I can't believe this time last year our little guy looked like this. He was only rolling around and crawling (i think) on the floor and now he is walking and running, pushing boundaries and my patience, making me laugh or melting my heart with his sweetness. I swear a day in the life of a toddler is a emotional rollercoaster - bringing mum and dad along for the ride. Phew.  Thankfully he is on the mend from the hand, foot and mouth disease that he had last week. He still has some nasty looking blisters on his hands that are still healing but overall he is on the improve - thank goodness!

We don't have anything special planned for Easter. We use to go camping around this time before J.D came along but now it's just a little difficult trying to setup with a toddler running around. Camping with a toddler makes me quake in my boots and I haven't brought myself to try it yet. All in good time I guess. We'll probably have a relaxing weekend at home and maybe enjoy a sleep in or two (here's to hoping) and gorge on hot cross buns and chocolate. If the weather is fine and we're motivated we might even visit some easter attractions that are going on around town.

If you are still planning your Easter Menu here are a few Salmon inspired recipes that might give you some inspiration for your menu.

Have a happy Easter everyone and travel safe!

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