Creating DIY Kitchen Utensils

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful week. It's FRIDAY! My favourite day of the week because it means it's the weekend and hubby will be home. We are also going away for a week's break next week so that means I get a whole week of spending a relaxing (hopefully) time with my two precious boys. I had to share before I went away my latest Mum's Business article with you. I created these gorgeous one of a kind DIY kitchen utensils with some old cutting boards and wooden utensils I had lying around. I had such a blast doing it that I want to go out and find some more things to paint up. You can see by the picture below what they looked like before. Pretty boring and bland!

I have ended up using these as food photography props and I have welcomed the influx of new things to play with in front of the camera. For the full tutorial on how to make your own DIY kitchen utensils pop on over to Mum's Business to read the full story.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will catch you all in a week once I get back from holidays!

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