Happy Mother's Day & My Week!

This week has got away from me. I wanted to post a really lovely recipe for all those special mum's out there but I had another food photography job hanging over my head this week and I really needed to concentrate on getting it finished. It has been a hard week to be honest. I feel SO tired all the time and I sometimes look at the clock and it's only 7.30am in the morning and just want to cry (The joys of pregnancy hormones). How am I ever going to get through the day??!! Thank you coffee! Thankfully the morning/all day sickness is abating which has helped things a little. Being a mum has been hard this week. It has pushed me to my limits and then some. I have to admit my limits broke a few times. I am not proud to say it but I blew my top on a number of occasions. It didn't make things any better, no it actually made them worse and it made me feel horrible and guilty and feel like a really bad mum. SIGH! I feel defeated as I sit and write this post. I know I should be all upbeat and perky but I don't feel like it I'm sorry. You got me at a bad time!
On top of his poor behaviour J.D broke out in another terrible rash early this week. It has left me wondering if he hasn't got an allergy to egg. So we now begin the process of cutting all things egg related out and see how that goes. Just another allergy to add to this household.

I am hoping the weekend will get me out of my funk. Hubby will be home and with another set of hands things always is a little easier. We don't have much planned for Mother's Day but most likely will be bouncing around to different houses to celebrate with Mother's & Mother's-in-laws and eat food, probably take-away because no one wants to cook. I requested plants for my mother's day gift. Boring I know but it's something I need. I want to fill the garden either side of the back steps we have recently done up. Plants are expensive so we usually buy a few and then get cuttings off them. We pot these cuttings up and let them grow a bit and get some roots happening and then plant them out in the garden. So one plant usually becomes 15 in our garden. So I think we will pop into the nursery on Saturday and pick up a couple of plants that take my fancy. I'm a bit spoilt because my birthday was only over a week ago and here I go getting more presents again. Too lucky.

If you are stuck for some food idea's for mother's day why not have a look at some of my favourite recipes:


- Roasted Strawberry Crepes
- Oven Baked Ham & Eggs
- Blueberry Skillet Cake
- Homemade Muesli
- Blueberry Breakfast Mug Muffin
- N.R.G Pancakes

- Chocolate & Cranberry Almond Cookies
- Banana, Apple & Carrot Cake
- Chai Spiced Pumpkin & Walnut Muffin
- Peanut Butter & Choc Chunk Cookie
- Caramel & Walnut Melting Moment

- Salmon with Almonds & Asparagus
- Bacon & Egg Pie
- Chicken Schnitzel
- Roast Vegetable Quinoa Salad
- Homestyle Beef Burger & Crunchy Fries
- Roast Eggplant & Tahini Pita's

- The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie
- Tirimisu Layer Cake
- 5 Min Sticky Date Pudding
- Watermelon Cake With Ginger Mint Syrup

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day! xo

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