20 Weeks Pregnant!

I cannot believe that I am halfway through my second pregnancy already. Where has the time gone. The last two months have just flown by. I think all second time mum's can probably vouch for the fact that the second pregnancy goes a lot faster than the first. Probably because you have a little person to already run after and occupy and you already know what to expect with the ups and downs of being pregnant. I have to say I think being pregnant for the second time has been harder than the first. Firstly you still have to face the day because there is a toddler waiting to be fed, changed, played with and loved. There is no luxury for sleeping in and hiding under the covers that's for sure. On the really bad days in the first few months of my pregnancy J.D and I spent a lot time snuggled on the couch together watching cartoons while I internally wanted to die from the morning sickness.  I'm so glad that phase has passed.

This pregnancy seems to be running very similar to J.D's. I feel the same in general and still have waves of morning sickness every known and again. I am hoping that this will go away VERY soon now that I have reached the half way mark. I haven't had a lot of cravings thus far. I think I craved a lot of salty, fatty things with J.D like hot chips and had a severe aversion to vegetables and salads and anthing spicy or hot. This time around I still have the aversion to vegetables and salads but not so much into the hot chip thing. I am in love with Tabasco sauce at the moment. Maybe because I find everything so blah at the moment that I drench it in hot sauce to give it a bit of kick. Not sure but this baby is going to be a chilli baby when it comes out I eat that much of it.

We had our 18 week scan a few weeks ago and decided not to find out the sex of the baby. Gosh it was hard. All I wanted to do was find out what we were having but hubby stayed strong and decided we should let it be a surprise. It goes against my organising nature not to know! Oh so hard.
We are in the early stages of throwing around baby names at the moment. I have a list written with some of our favourites (well mine) on it. Every name I seem to throw hubby's way gets a screwed up nose reaction so we may have a blank look on our faces when the baby's born because we still can't decided on a name. Can I say I really really find choosing baby names difficult. It's a lot of pressure we have as parents to name our kids. It's nearly one of the least favourite things about having a baby, that and having to push it out.

I am in the process of giving the entire house a clean and tidy up before this baby is born. No cupboard or room is safe. I am on an organising war path. My nesting instinct has started early and I am making the most of it while I can. I have already thrown out bags and bags of junk to be taken to the local OP shop and I have only got started. I have a massive list sitting on my fridge waiting to be ticked off of all the things I want completed before bub is born. One of the things we have to do is build a set of built in cupboards in our spareroom (which is my current photography space - pictured above) as this is where J.D will be moved to and bub will take over his room. I have no idea why this room never had cupboards built in as the rest of the rooms have them. I will keep the nursery fairly neutral to start of with and come up with a theme once the baby is born to decorate it. I am also trying to decided how to decorate J.D's new room. I have been combing Pinterest for inspiration and have a few ideas up my sleeve. Stay posted on that one as I am sure I will do a post about it when the time comes. Will I get it decorated in time before the baby is born..... who knows.

J.D has been especially cute with my ever growing belly. He loves to lift my shirt up just before bedtime and give the baby a bed time kiss. He also loves to come and give my belly a kiss when I'm getting changed in the mornings. Not so nice when he latches his cold finges around my waist on a freezing morning. Brrr. I am not sure he gets the concept of a baby growing in my stomach but he is definitely fascinated by babies and points them out on posters, books, pamphlets all the time. I really am not sure how he is going to react when we bring this little one home. I am sure all second time parents get a little apprehensive with this part. He is not for one to share his mummy and daddy with other little kids so only time will tell how he reacts.

So that's my 20 week update for now. I hope to do these a little more regularly as I draw closer to baby's birthday! Have a great weekend everyone.

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