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If you're anything like me you would have a long list of things you want to do around the house. Some of these things get ticked off pretty quickly others kind of hang on and stay around for a couple of years until time and money permits you to tackle it. We have a notebook filled with jobs and projects we want to do around the house and the list seems to get longer every year and not a lot gets ticked of it. We haven't done any major renovations since we did the Laundry last year. Having kids has definitely slowed us down in the renovation department. I thought I would go through the things we currently have on our to do list for inside the house. Maybe that will get us motivated to finish them. I will go into our outside to do list in another post. Not all are on our immediate to do list but some are pencilled in on our one day wish list.

So our immediate to do list is all to do with the new baby. As I mentioned in a previous post we will be moving J.D from the nursery and into the spare room, which lacks built in cupboards. So this is on the top of our to do list to finish before this baby is born in late October. That is no easy feat at this point because that is my current photography "studio" (excuse the chaotic photo above - I work messy when I'm photographing) and I have been doing back to back freelance jobs which hasn't allowed hubby to get in to start the cupboards. I hopefully will finish my current job by the end of July and he can get stuck into building the cupboards asap. I want J.D to have at least a month to settle into his new room before the baby comes home to take over his old room. I'll keep you posted on the progress of that. If I am lucky I might even get hubby to squeeze in another cupboard job and finish off the cupboard space in our walk in wardrobe. I might be pushing the friendship with that one!!

Since we are in the middle of room swapping I am in the middle of re-doing our office up to become my new photography studio. This room is A LOT smaller than the spare room I am currently using so I decided to downsize the desk (above) we had in the office and find a smaller desk to fit in there. I scoured eBay, Gumtree and local swap and sell groups on Facebook trying to track down a second hand desk to fit in there. I didn't want a shiny new looking desk but something with a little bit of character and that I could add my own stamp to. I had no luck sourcing anything on these sites so popped into my local op shop one day to see if I could find anything there. It took me a couple of visits to finally come across THE desk I was after. It cost me a whopping $15 and was in need of some work. I have been working on it over the last few weekends and hopefully will be able to put the office together in the next week or so. I can't wait to show you my new studio/office and desk makeover. Below is a sneak peek of the finished result of the desk.

Other small goals inside is to finally add light fittings to the spare room, office and our bedroom which have been sadly lacking since we renovated 4 years ago. Sad bare light bulbs have been sticking out of the roof for a long time and it's time to add a little style into these rooms. Time to start looking at some light shops I think.

Long term goals inside the house, the first is to one day look at renovating our second bathroom and toilet (below). This is our dirty little secret that is hidden away at the other end of our house. It's a sad pokey, little room stuck back in the 1970's in need of some serious attention. We don't really use it and is basically a storage room at the moment. I have visions of knocking walls downs and opening the space up and create a really nice bathroom. I can see this space being useful in the coming years when we have smelly teenagers taking over the house. This can be their bathroom.

Which brings me to my other wish list project. Revamping our current bathroom and giving it a serious face lift. We haven't done anything to it since we moved in 4 years ago apart from giving it a lick of paint. It had been renovated a few years previous to us buying the house so it's not living back in the 70's like the second bathroom. However it still boasts a gold trimmed shower screen and mirror and the feature tile isn't really to my taste. I've been pinning pictures of bathroom inspiration on Pinterest for the day we will one day take this project on. You can check out my Bathroom inspiration board here.

Another thing is to finally paint the french doors closing off the now playroom. We didn't tackle these when we first painted the house and now I am regretting not doing it because I feel like it will never get done. We have taken the doors off and painted the skirting around the doors but are now waiting for warmer weather to tackle the doors. I am not looking forward to having to tape around all the little panes of glass in these doors. Argh.

The last thing I want to do is complete decorating our main bedroom. It's sat half finished for many years and I just haven't had the time to finish it up. This probably is a priority for my husband but after pinning so many bedroom inspiration pictures I have a fire in my belly to finish it. The vision I have to finish this space will require some new furniture such as a new bed frame and maybe new side tables.... but I can always paint them to fit the theme of the room. You can check out my Bedroom Inspiration here.

You can have a peek of what we have done to our house so far in our House Tour page.

So that is a little insight into our to do list for the inside of our house. The outside is another story for next time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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