23 weeks

 I'd thought I would do another pregnancy update. I am now 23 1/2 weeks along and feel about the same as I did three weeks ago in my 20 week post. I'm still in the middle of a month long freelance photography job which is keeping me super busy and pre-occupied. I think my belly is slowly growing bigger and I have to say this week I feel pregnant. The belly is starting to get in the way when I bend down to do up my shoes or try and carry the little boy around. I am not looking forward to getting bigger and trying to carry a toddler around. Eek. I've said this before and I'll say it again being pregnant the second time around is a lot harder.


The morning sickness is slowly going away. I've had a few mornings this past few weeks that I've woken up feeling a little green around the gills but it soon passes by morning tea time. Energy wise I'm feeling on the low side. This trimester is meant to be the glowing, bouncing, full of energy phase but I have a lot on my plate at the moment and it is taking up all the extra energy that I should have. My back has given in this past week due to the changes in my posture as the belly grows out and my body compensates. Thankfully I have a great chiropractor who was able to give me some relief and some exercises to do to help with my posture and core. This is only the beginning with back pain so I better get on top of it now.

Craving & Eating:

I had a gherkin craving a few weeks back and a Tabasco sauce craving just recently but I haven't really had any thing specific this past week. I eat a lot of fruit throughout the week and wished I could eat yogurt or cheese but I can't since I'm dairy intolerant. I have been drinking lots of glasses of almond milk with a healthy energy ball for my afternoon snack. Green smoothies and leftovers have been on the menu for lunch as I am too lazy to make anything specific at this time. I have a lot of food in the house at the moment with my food photography job so I usually poke through the leftover containers to see what takes my fancy. Same goes for dinner most nights of the week. SO much food to eat. I've come down with a bit of a sniffle these past few days so I've been making lots of ginger, lemon and mint tea to soothe the throat. I have been trying to rest where possible but at the moment that is difficult to do!


Not a lot has been happening on the exercise front which has left me feeling a little frustrated. I just haven't been able to fit it in at the moment with working and being a wife and mother. I want this to change when I finish this last job and have a little bit more normality back into our routine. J.D and I usually go for a walk after breakfast which I hope to start again when I have the time. I walked a lot when I was pregnant with J.D and found that it was good for me to do. I have been given some core exercises by my chiropractor to do everyday to engage my core strength to help with my lower back pain. Hopefully I can remember to do them.


I am still fitting into most of my normal clothes apart from the tighter fitting shirts and dresses. I am still in some of my normal jeans albeit with the top button undone and held closed with a elastic hair tie. Classy I know. My favourite things to wear are my tracksuit pants, hoodie jumper and Ugg boots. It's winter here and it's the most warm and comfortable thing to lounge around the house in most of the day. I haven't really bought any specific maternity clothes because I am too stingy to pay the maternity price tag that is attached to these pieces. I usually just buy looser or baggier tops and wear low fitting jeans or leggings. I will be at my biggest in the spring time so lots of elasticised skirts and looser tops will be in order.


I'm tracking about the same size as I was with J.D at the moment. I think I have been about the same throughout the whole of the pregnancy so far. I am hoping for another 7lb baby in there!!! Weight gain is about the same and I still grimace when I have to get onto the scales at every OB appointment. Does anyone else dread this? Oh and peeing into those teeny weeny cups to check for urinary tract infections. That has to top it all off for me!


I feel like I still can't get my head around the fact I am actually pregnant. Oh trust me I knew it for the first 18 weeks or so with morning sickness but I feel like I have been so busy these last 3 months I haven't had time to stop and take note and bond with this baby properly yet. Do all second time mums feel like this? I think I felt the first flutters with this little one around 15-16 weeks but didn't feel anything substantial until around 18-19 weeks. My placenta is between the baby and my stomach wall so it's had to kick some serious padding for me to feel anything proper. It likes to party between 8.30pm and 7am. That is when I feel the most movement and jostling about. The baby is still quite low and I feel most of the kicks in my lower pelvic region at the moment which is fine with me. I am not looking forward to the rib kicking in the months to come!

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