32 Weeks

I have been so slack updating this pregnancy journey. My last post was at 27 weeks so that was a little while ago now. I definitely have popped this past month and am feeling uncomfortably pregnant.  I have tried to impose "maternity" leave on myself and work related things but I just can't help myself and have taken on another client to complete a project with in the next month. I have also been having a blast doing some crafty and furniture related projects in the last month too. We still haven't moved J.D into his new room yet. The built-in-cupboards are still are work in progress so I am hoping this will get finished in the next month so we can make the transition and I can get organising the nursery.


My energy levels are getting lower and lower every week. I might get a day where I am full of beans and feel like I can conquer the world and I try to and regret it the next day. I've have a little bit of morning/afternoon sickness return the last few weeks and I'm hoping this doesn't keep up. My lower back is starting to feel the extra weight out front. I am thankful for my monthly chiro appointments to keep things under control pain wise. I have started getting restless legs at night in the past month which I had with J.D. It is really quite annoying and if you've had it you know what I am talking about it. I find stretching and massaging my legs allows for a bit of relief but I swear I am going to wear the bed sheets out with all the restlessness and shuffling going on.


I've not really been into anything particular food wise. Maybe raiding the chocolate chip container one to many times after dinner would be the worst thing I've been craving. The spicy phase has passed a bit and I'm not drenching everything in hot sauce as much as I was a little while ago. I have been enjoying the strawberry season this week with strawberries currently at their prime and cheap as chips. We have been buying kilo bags of strawberries at our local markets and enjoying them throughout the week.


Still trying to walk 3-4 times a week but at the moment I am probably getting in 2 walks depending on the weather and my energy levels. I find I get more done in the day after I have gone for a walk as it kind of gives me a burst of energy for the day. J.D absolutely loves his walks as well. He just sits happily in the pram, looking around at the world, pointing out things he finds interesting. I wonder how he is going to go when he is relegated to the back seat in the double pram when bub comes along.


I am starting to have a little trouble finding things in my closest to wear. Since J.D was born in winter I was set for winter maternity clothes but now that we are heading into spring I am starting to struggle with finding clothes suitable for my bump. I don't really want to buy to many new clothes to fit my belly in the next 8 weeks that I have left. So I will just stick to the 3-4 things that fit me. I am a bit of a cheapskate in this area. I can't justify buying to many maternity things when you only get a limited time to wear them.


I have started seeing my obstetrician and midwife for fortnightly appointments. These appointments have been uneventful and straight forward which is nice. No complications and everything is looking nice and straightforward thus far. I will move up to weekly appointments at the end of this month which is going to be a little difficult trying drag a 2 year old along to. FUN.


Bub is getting bigger (obviously) so movement is slowly getting a little more restricted. Lots of rib kicks and weird bumps sticking out here and there. Bub still loves to get really active just as I lay my head down at night. It's a nice reassurance to feel these movements and to know everything is okay.

Hopefully I will be a little less lazy and get a few more pregnancy posts up before the baby is born!!!



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