5 Minutes of Not So Golden Silence & A Competition.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Never turn your back on the ocean”? This same saying can be applied to all children under the age of 5. Never ever leave them unattended for long or even short periods of time. Why you may ask? Just try it sometime you will be wonderfully surprised at what you find they can get up to. If your child is filled with a mischievous and impish nature you may know what I am talking about. A new mum may not realize looking down at their sweet newborn that in a few years times this kid can turn your life upside down in five minutes flat. Surely my little angel wouldn’t do that you might say. Just you wait and see. Silence is not golden when it comes to toddlers. Trust me. It means disaster and truck loads of it. Here are 5 real examples of what can happen in five minutes of not so golden silence.

  1. Your child might to try to channel their inner Picasso and express themselves through drawing on the walls in felt pen, crayon, permanent marker, or if you’re lucky chalk. This may extend to pulling nappy rash cream or moisturizer out of a nappy bag and painting the walls in a wonderful piece of art work. To take things to a new level they may even add in a dash and a puff of baby powder to top it all off. Take a picture before you start crying it might be worth something in a few years time.

  2. The child might have an inner urge to cook after watching that famous chef on TV one too many times. After stealing the olive oil bottle and unable to reach the stove the next best thing is to tip the entire contents on the floor. It feels nice between the toes anyway and we might just walk around the house and on the carpet a bit to spread it around a little bit.
  3. Talking about carpet what about your little sweetie finding a nice litre container of sweet, delicious honey and having a play with it on your newly laid carpet. Maybe just maybe they have the urge to tip the entire contents out on said new carpet. You have permission to cry upon finding this.
  4. Your child might be prone to bouts of forgetfulness. In one such case after having filled up a water play toy in the kitchen sink. After walking away from the plugged sink without turning the tap off you walk into the room minutes later to find yourself knee high in water and the safety switch triggered. Try and think happy thoughts that at least the floor is clean now.
  5. After watching mummy everyday play with fancy brushes and little containers of special things. Your beautiful child might want to copy mummy’s routine and pillage your makeup stores with disastrous results. Faces covered in your favourite lipstick, mascara on the walls, pools of expensive liquid foundation seeping between the floorboards and eyeliner smashed into the carpet. If you so happen to discover this turn and walk away and count to 10. You might need to repeat this a few times.

While these examples might be extreme every mum and dad needs a little chance to relax, revive and survive during the early years of child rearing because everyday can be a minefield.  eBay Bubs' Corner has come to the rescue with a brilliant prize of $15000 to spend on cleaning and babysitting for a year.  It would more than take care of that little bit of honey in the carpet or that piece of unwanted artwork on the wall. It would also give mum and dad a little bit of timeout to recover from those 5 minutes of not so golden silence. To enter you simply have to visit eBay Bubs' Corner for your chance to be in the running. The competition closes on the 22nd of September 2014.

*Not all these things were done by my impish son J.D - some were gleaned from other Mum's

{Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by eBay}



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