A Digger Birthday

Our special little guy turned two late last month. I can't believe it I have a two year old. I feel like he only turned one the other day and was only born not to long before that.. Where did that last year go? I guess the last 7 months have gone extra fast being caught up with this pregnancy, morning sickness and food photography jobs. We kept this birthday quite simple since I my energy levels were feeling quite low as my belly gets bigger. We had planned for a simple morning tea in a local park with immediate family but rainy weather soon tuned those plans on there head. So we ended up having it back at our place in our Garage. I decided to keep the cake pretty simple this year and went with a construction themed cake.

I was sneaky and used this Best Ever Gluten Free Chocolate Cake from 84th & 3rd which is full of sneaky ingredients. I covered the cake in this Avocado Frosting from Coffee & Quinoa. I then proceeded to cover the entire cake in chocolate lollies - so much for trying to be healthy. I found these cute construction toys at my local Toy World and after a wash J.D hasn't stopped playing with them. All I needed to do was plop them on top of the cake and fill them with a mixture of crunchie pieces, maltesers and chocolate covered liquorice bullets. I think it took me under an hour to decorate this cake which is what this tired mumma needed. I got my construction cake idea from Pinterest of course. You can check our my Boy Birthday board for ideas.

J.D had a blast celebrating his birthday. He was running on overdrive all day. It was much different to his first birthday as he is now walking and was able to interact and play with his cousins and dig his fingers into the cake. I think he kind of "got" what this was all about this year. He totally gorged himself on sausage rolls and lollies. I had to keep my eye on him as his sticky little fingers kept creeping up the side of the food table reaching around to find the lolly bowl. He was totally spoilt on the present front and is still running from toy to toy trying to decide what to play with. I sneakily put a couple of his presents away for when the baby is born so he can have something new to play with when this new addition comes home.

We finished the morning off with rides in the trailer behind the ride on mower. I think it was the highlight of the day. Just have a look at his face.

Happy birthday little boy. You are the apple of our eye and you brighten a room when you walk in with your cheeky smile. We love you lots.



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