Father's Day Word Art For Under $10 + Free Printable

I've got a super quick and easy Father's day gift tutorial for you today.  If you are like me and leave presents for Father's day to the last minute this little word art tutorial is for you. I whipped this up in under an hour and it cost me under $10 to create. I made one very similar to this for Mother's day for my mum and I have one for myself hanging on my office wall.

You don't need to be tech savvy to create this. Just a simple knowledge of Microsoft Word or a similar program is all you need to know. A printer is also a must but if you don't own one you can pop down to your local Officeworks or similar and get this printed off there. I have a basic ink jet printer so you don't need anything fancy to do this. Anyway let's get started with how to go about creating you own piece of word art.

Step 1: Cruise the net and find your favourite quote or saying that you want to frame. I just popped onto pinterest and searched for Father's day quotes and a few different ones popped up. 

Step 2: Using Microsoft Word or a similar program type up your chosen quote using your favourite font. To add interest to the quote create varying sizes of different words throughout the quote. I also added red to the most important word in the quote "Special" to highlight this word in the quote. Have a look around at other examples of word art to give you some inspiration. If you like this saying then your are in luck. At the end of this post I have attached a free printable in PDF format for you to download and print yourself taking this step out of the process.

Step 3: Select the paper that you are going to print your word art onto and cut to size if necessary. I used a piece of old sheet music that I had lying around. I have used it also on this cute bird sheet music art. Before printing onto your chosen paper I generally do a test print to check that the spacing is correct and it will fit into the frame that you have chosen to put it in. If everything is sitting right then go ahead and print your final copy. Let it dry for a few minutes before placing into your chosen frame.

Step 4: I chose a simple white frame from K-Mart which I was able to pick up for $9. Bargain. I went with a 8" x 10" frame which fits an A4 print in it perfectly. Fit your print into your frame and voila you are done.

So there you go a special piece of art for your dad for under $10 and it can be put together in under an hour. I have wrapped this up for my dad and have stowed it away for the special day. We are going camping with my parents this weekend to a local lake 45 minutes out from where we live. We are taking our Campervan, a 2 year old and a 31 week pregnant women (me) for a few days away from the rat race. This could be an interesting weekend. I will let you know if we survive.

Happy Father's Day!



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