Spring Into Gardening With The Kids

 Spring is here everyone..... yes we are 18 days into it but I thought I would just remind you all the same. I love spring but there is one downside, hayfever! Ergh. It plagues me up until the end of November and being pregnant restricts what I can take to make it better. Anyway enough of my whingeing let's talk gardening with the kids.

My latest article Ready, Set, Garden! is up on Mum's Business and it's all about gardening with the kids. How to get them involved, what to plant up and the cutest little gardening kit you will ever see. J.D and hubby made there debut over on the website with this article. This kid just loves being in the garden and this little shoot was in no way forced. He was totally involved in digging the holes for the plants and trying to cover them up with dirt. He joins us everyone afternoon outside exploring the yard as you can see in this post. Anyway make sure you pop on over and read up on getting your kids involved in the garden. Happy Spring Everyone!



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