38 Weeks

Can you tell I am getting slacker with my photo taking as I near the end of this pregnancy. Particularly today... I am recovering from a migraine headache that knocked me for a six this morning and being pregnant doesn't allow for some killer drugs to knock it on it's head! The joys. I seem to have got a migraine with every pregnancy and I've had and a cold 3 weeks before I am due with each one as well. Funny.

Feeling:  Ready for this pregnancy to be over. I hit a wall this week and have struggled everyday to get through the day without wanting to burst into tears. Oh the hormones. I have no energy and my afternoon sickness has returned leaving me feel queasy at dinner time. I just feel like a whingey, fat, pregnant lady at the moment. I will look back on this post and want to pat myself on the head and say you were alright. I know I don't have long to go so I really shouldn't complain but I think that is what makes it worse. The fact it is so close yet still far enough away to feel miserable about it.

Craving/Eating: Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Oh and toast and muesli. I really am not into food that much this past week and have lived off the above for most of the week. I am glad I live in Australia and can live on Vegemite on toast.

Exercise: I have decided to give exercise a miss now until the baby is born unless I feel super dooper energetic near the end (which I doubt it very much). Each time I do go for a walk it feels like it takes me all week to recover from it. My back and hips hurt and I feel exhausted so I think it's my bodies way of saying it's time to rest. I have been taking naps every afternoon when J.D goes down for his nap and I have to say it gets me through the afternoon.

Wearing: The same few outfits that I have been wearing for the last month or so. Thank goodness for cheap singlets from kmart and stretchy pants. I live in my exercise pants most of the day when I am at home. They are comfortable and don't dig in and if I feel like running to the shops I can pop on my runners and I look like I am some fit pregnant mumma (which I really am not) ha.

Appointments:  I had my 38 week appointment earlier this week and things are progressing slowly. I am about 2cm dilated but I have not effaced yet so I would say this baby is still a way off. It's head isn't engaged and it's still sitting quite high in my pelvis. I told my OB that I don't want to be induced but maybe he could do something to help things along a bit later next week! :-) My prediction is that I will be a week late again like I was with J.D. Thinking this helps me get through the extra week if it so happens to work out that way. If it comes earlier then that will just be a nice surprise!

Movement: The baby's movement has slowed down a bit over the past few weeks. I gather since things a getting a little squished in there it's getting harder to get a good boot or poke around. I am getting lot of braxton hicks which leave me a bit breathless but I am glad for each one as I know it's my body getting ready for the big day!

Other: We went camping in the first weekend of October to fit in one last mini holiday before bub is born. We went down to Maroochydore for 3 nights with my parents in our camper van. It was such a special time away and I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in the sun, by the pool and at the beach each day simply eating and putting my feet up. J.D had an absolute blast as you can see by his cheeky face below. I think he was as depressed as I was when we came home and were stuck in these four walls again. 

On another note J.D's transition from his cot to his toddler bed is going well. We had a bit of trouble earlier this week keeping him in his bed for his afternoon sleeps. He seemed to suddenly realize that he could get out of bed and run a muck and it would take me nearly and hour or more to settle him down for his nap. I was so frustrated by the end of each day. Thankfully things have settled down now and his new found freedom has dissipated and he is settling down for his naps without any qualms. THANK GOODNESS! I am hoping I don't have to do any more pregnancy posts but as I said earlier I will probably be around doing these posts for a few more weeks yet. 
Have a great weekend everyone!



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