Review: BabyLove Nappy Pants & A Giveaway!!!

I was given the opportunity recently to try out the new BabyLove Nappy Pants.  Like most mum’s I get stuck in a rut and stick to my tried and true products not really wanting to try anything new for fear of disappointment or inconvenience. If you’ve been using something for a long time you are happy to stick to what you know even if there might be something better out on the market. So since I have been given the opportunity to trial these nappies I can spread the word to the mum’s out there on what I have found using them and give you the full lowdown.

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Ease of Use:
I have been using them for a little over a week now and I am really happy with how they have been holding up under the scrutiny and wearability of a very active 2 year old. What makes these nappy pants so good is the unique 360-degree stretchy waist band that allows you to slip them on a very wiggly toddler very simply. There are not tabs to contend with and by simply fanning your fingers around the edge of the band you can quickly slip the nappy over the legs in one fluid motion. If you have a wiggly kid like me you might know how challenging nappy changes have become. I remember this all started when J.D was about 8 months old and trying to get him to sit still on the change table became an exasperating expedition multiple times a day. If I had tried these earlier I might have saved myself a few frustrating days.

Fit & Absorbency:
The stretch waist band allows for a contoured fit around the waist of your child reducing the risk of gaping or tight nappies depending on the changer (i.e. the unskilled nappy changer).  I would recommend though making sure you get the correct size nappy for your child. With tab nappies you can sometimes get away with a bigger sized nappy by simply placing the tabs closer together for a tighter fit. If you didn’t get the correct sized nappy you could end of with the nappy being slightly loose around the waist and being a bit baggy around the bottom area. On the upside side the stretchy waist allows for a longer period of wear time in each size before having to move up to the next size.
The nappies have a great absorbency rate being on par with other leading brands allowing for up to 5 cups of liquid. I only had one accident during the time that I used these nappies and that was with a pretty big number 2 – which my usually nappies probably couldn’t of coped with either.

One thing that most people will scratch their head at initially is how to remove the nappy if you have a how should I say this... a little brown gift to remove. I knew that you had to simply tear the side seams (which have been specifically made tear-able for this reason) on the side of the nappies which allowed for quick removal. However this stumped both my husband and mother-in-law initially as they didn’t realize this was able to be done. With a little education this then became a simple task of removing the nappy like any other.  Another thing that I did find a little difficult to do is to apply baby powder or cream to the bottom area before fitting the nappy without it getting all over the change table. This would have to been done after the nappy is fitted and by pushing the nappy aside to apply the lotion or powder.

Since budget is a strong point in our house I did a little research and compared other brand name nappy pants and BabyLove came out on top or if not on par with most other brands. These nappies come in a variety of sizes starting at Toddler (9-14kg), Walker (12-18kg) and Junior (15-25kg).  RRP $16.99 for a Bulk pack or $29.99 for Jumbo packs.  When I was researching I even found some of the supermarkets were having a sale on them which made them even cheaper. It pays to shop around people!

J.D was pretty happy with them! :-)

So in rounding this post up I would say I am impressed with BabyLove Nappy pants in regards to wearability and practicality, ease of use and cost. It is a great product if you have a particularly difficult child who does not like nappy changing times. It makes life that little bit smoother during the times when life can be plain crazy.  If you are curious in knowing more about BabyLove Nappy Pants pop on over to for further information.


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