No Bake Summer Dessert Recipes

I have been melting in this heatwave we have been experiencing here in Queensland. Come on summer you are not meant to be throwing these heat waves quite yet??. I have been literally lying on the floor trying to keep cool - well maybe not quite that far. More like standing in front of the fan and spraying myself with water. Anyone else do that? We don't have proper air conditioning in our house and are making do with a little portable one which manages to give some relief to one of the rooms in our house. When the temperature starts pushing 37 degrees or more it starts to struggle and it's hard to find somewhere bearable to sit in the afternoon. Oh and trying to breastfeed just makes things more miserable in this heat. I really hope the worst of summer has come and gone and it will stay mild and relatively comfortable. I think I am dreaming with that one.

A couple of weeks ago I shared each of these no bake desserts over on Facebook to help those like me who were experiencing this heat wave. Sometimes you want to do a bit of baking but the thought of turning the oven on in Summer on a sweltering day turns you off that thought quick smart. So I thought I would do a quick round up of some of my favourite things to make when I want to make something but don't want to turn the oven on. You might even find a few Christmas Dessert inspirations too?

1. Watermelon Cake with Ginger Mint Syrup: (GF & DF) 

This "cake" is the easiest cake you will ever make. It does require a little pre-planning as you need to put the coconut cream in the fridge the day before. However with a little for-thought you could be enjoying this refreshing and delicious cake on a scorching summer's day.

2. Peanut Butter Truffles: (GF & DF)

Gosh these are one of my favourite little snacks when I am craving a little something sweet. Filled with my all time favourite ingredient - peanut butter! They would make great christmas gift wrapped up in a little box and finished with a smart bow.

3. Mango, Macadamia & Passionfruit Popsicles: (GF & DF)

These moreish and cooling treats are really perfect on a sweltering day. You can either use fresh, frozen or even tinned mango if you are watching your pennies. I love to pull one of these out when I cannot stand the heat no more!

4. Cheat's Mini Lime & Strawberry Cheesecakes:

These really are a cheat's dessert and a total no fuss way of making cheesecake. No baking required - just a packet of store bought biscuits and a delightfuly lime cheesecake filling. Spread onto the biscuit, top with some fresh strawberries and voila dessert is served.

5. Spiced Custard With Sweet Saffron Mango: 

This dessert has the taste of the orient. If you are looking for a little something different to try this custard will delight the senses. Topped with deliciously fragrant saffron infused mango pieces it really is a taste sensation.

6. Chocolate & Coconut Pudding: (GF & DF)

In the mood for a little chocolate fix ? These little puddings certainly hit the spot. Not sickly sweet or overly rich these little treats certainly hit the spot.

7. Bubble Muesli Slice:

While this isn't exactly a dessert it is a great treat to have in the house for the kids. It is really easy to make and it might make a great activity for the kids to do while they are on holidays.

Phew so there you go a few of my favourite no bake desserts to keep you going through summer even when you can't turn your oven on!!

On the home front I am slowly getting the hang of juggling two kids. I have to say we are a little more house bound at the moment with the constant feeding and naps involved with a newborn. I find that difficult as I was use to going out most days during the week, taking J.D to the park, going shopping or trawling the op shops for a bargain. Little Miss is doing well and will be a month old on friday! Eeek I cannot believe that. The weeks have certainly flown that's for sure. It has been a little bit of a hazy blur though and I am feeling guilty looking through the photos on the camera realizing I just haven't taken a lot of photos this time round. Poor kid. Taking photo's has not been on the top of my priority list. Oh well I better start now!!!



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