No Fuss, No Churn Mango Icecream {Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free}


I have been busting to share this post with you for ages. It's hard to sit on a good recipe and not shout it from the roof top. I had to wait until it was published over at Mum's Business before I could tell you about it. This recipe is another lazy recipe like my Cheats Mini Lime & Strawberry Cheesecake - it came out of needing an ice cream hit during the heat wave we had a couple of weeks ago. Since I had just had a baby (and I am on a dairy free diet) I wasn't in the mood for making a fussy ice cream recipe from scratch. Plus I didn't even own an ice cream maker to make the real thing. This two ingredient ice cream totally hit the spot for this ice-cream craving mumma. So what do you need to make this treat? Frozen mango and coconut milk. Easy as! It was deliciously refreshing and I didn't feel guilty consuming vast quantities of it as it was relatively healthy.

Hubby really enjoyed the sprinkling of toasted coconut on top. It added a lovely nutty flavour that took this ice cream to the next level. So don't forgot to put it on top - or why not even stir it through the ice cream before placing it in the freezer to set. I totally took lazy to the next level and just used frozen mango pieces which you can buy in the freezer section of your local supermarket. See you can even make this when mangoes are not in season. Winning!

 So make sure you pop on over to eBay Mum's Business to get the full recipe and write up on how to make this refreshing treat.




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