15+ Back To School Baking Recipes

School holidays are over for another term and it's time to jump back onto the lunch box bandwagon again. Are you ready to pack those lunch boxes once again? I am lucky enough at the moment to only have to worry about it once a week when I send J.D to daycare. I couldn't imagine the drudgery of doing it everyday for weeks on end. So to help those poor souls out who are doing it everyday I thought I would do a round up of some of my favourite baking recipes here off the blog. These all should be able to be frozen  apart from the apple chips. Some are gluten free, some are dairy free and some are not free of anything. I've noted beside the title what the recipes are free of to help those out who are in search of allergy friendly recipes. I hope everyone has a fantastic week getting back into routines again and filling up those lunch boxes with goodies.

I love these biccies (cookies for you American folks) with a cuppa tea but they make a great lunch box treat for the kids. They will keep well for a week in an airtight container or pop them in the freezer and just slip one in the kids lunchboxes in the morning. They should be defrosted by morning tea time.

If you couldn't be bothered rolling these out and cutting out the cookies just roll the dough into balls and squash down with the back of your hand. Forgo the chocolate to save the teachers wrath if need be!

These are a great all round cookie and perfect for those with food allergies. I love to keep a stockpile of these in the freezer when I want something with my cuppa in the afternoon.

My all time favourite cookie right here. Oh peanut butter how I love you. Swap it with almond butter or even sunflower butter if you can't have peanuts at your school.

Another great allergy friendly cookie. I seem to have a them with cranberries and chocolate chips going on.

My mum use to make this slice when I went to school and now I make it for my kids. Delicious.

I love these bars warm from the oven. They can be pre-cut and individually wrapped for the lunchbox and pop into the freezer for when you need them.

This slice is a little something special. If you can't get pomegranates in season just substitute with dried cherries or cranberries. Or any other fresh berry would work too.

For a little bit of effort this Caramelized Banana Chocolate Loaf is pretty darn special. Can't be fussed cooking it into a loaf why not make them into muffins.

I have made this Banana bread for over 5 years now and it is still one of my favourite loaves. So easy to make and with minimal ingredients. Again make this loaf into muffins for easier portioning.

This loaf sneaks in two fruits and a vegetable and takes GREAT! I love it slathered with a little butter.

When you are in the mood to make something a little bit special for the kids these donuts will hit the spot. Omit the cinnamon sugar on top for a healthier snack.

A great snack for the kids to keep their motors running. These fritters are delicious smothered in nut butter or your choice.

Another great snack for the kids. Low on sugar and pretty darn good to look at. Drizzle with greek yoghurt for a nut free option.

I love these muffins for the fragrant spices that waft out of the oven when they are cooking! SO good. A great way to sneak some vegetables into your kids daily snacks.

A all round moist and delicious muffin with the addition of a Goji Berries. A great way to sneak a super food into your kids diet.

These cute little patty cakes are a great snack for the kids. Who doesn't love blueberries?!

The fragrance of these cupcakes when they come out of the oven is drool worthy. Omit the butter cream icing for a simpler version and top with a dollop of greek yoghurt.

Happy school baking everyone!



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