Cheeky Boy & Cheeky Girl Bath Time Fun


As the sun stretches out its arms of orange rays across a darkening sky and wave’s goodbye for another day, two little cheeky children were being herded into the bathroom for the nightly bath and bedtime routine . Their bellies are full after dinner and are ready for a scrub in the tub.  There is a Cheeky boy who is nearly three years old and is the life of the party, followed by a Cheeky girl who is still a babe in arms at 8 months old and is the sweetest thing. They are their Daddy and Mummy’s pride and joy most of the time.

I know at the end of the day we as parents are pretty weary, but we need to understand that everyday routines such as bath times or baby massages can be used to help stimulate our babies & kids senses through touch, sound and smell. By stimulating these senses, it will help us as parents nurture our kid’s ability to learn, think, love and grow through these experiences . So much can be learnt and taught through our simple bath time routine . Did you know that by listening to bath time music and songs can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory? Or by letting your bub splash about in the bath (or dodge the water from someone else – hello Cheeky Boy) can help teach them cause and effect.  Researchers have found that routine massage  on kids and babies leads to improved cognitive performance and increased alertness and attentiveness.  Why not try one of Johnson’s®  products to enhance your bath time ritual?

To start the bath time routine, Mummy turns the taps on in the large bath and squirts in a little of Johnsons baby top-to-toe bath to help clean her baby’s bodies. Cheeky boy watches eagerly as the water slowly swirls its way around the base of the tub and makes its way up the side. “Hop in Mum? He asks with one leg at the ready to jump in. “Not yet bud we need to get you out of your clothes first”.  With a little exasperated sigh he walks over and puts his hands to be undressed. Once naked he comes alive running around the bathroom yelling “I rudey, I rudey”.  Boys!!

He deftly jumps into the bath and starts a game of cars straight away. Cheeky girl gurgles and giggles as she is carefully undressed and placed into the bath next to her boisterous brother. This is her favourite time of day, to gently splash her little hands in the warm water and giggle at her Cheeky boy brother’s antics in the bath. Cheeky boy is a different matter in the bath tub.

He loves to splash and play hard in the bath while Cheeky girl ducks droplets of water being hit her way. Sometimes they hit her fair and square in the face and her sweet little cheeky face scrunches in sadness and the tears begin. To calm the waters in these bath time shenanigans, Mummy sits on a stool at the edge of the bath and talks and sings to her two Cheeky children. She sings songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and points out colours and numbers to Cheeky boy from his bath time toy collection. This is a great time to do some sneaky learning for Cheeky Boy and Cheeky girl watches with interest.

If this doesn’t work to cheer up Cheeky girl, mummy quickly gives her a wash and pulls her out of the bath to let Cheeky Boy have some more fun.  With the warm bathroom lights over head and Cheeky girl loosely wrapped in a towel and a nappy on to save any unforseen spills, Mummy adds a few drops of Johnson’s baby oil to her hands and gently gives Cheeky girl a relaxing massage. Starting with gentle strokes at the top of her arms and making her way down to her finger tips. As she does this, she talks sweet nothings to her baby girl.

This is a wonderful time for Mummy & Cheeky girl to bond and communicate through the sense of touch, sight and smell. Cheeky girl basks in her mummy’s attention and rewards her efforts with a gurgling.... dad dad dad. Okay, so we are working on the mum mum part. Daddy comes in and takes over bathing duties for Cheeky boy and dries him off in a big warm fluffy towel followed by a quick rub down on his face and hands with Johnson’s baby lotion to stave away the winter dryness.  Cheeky Boy insists on his nightly “rudey” run down the hallway yelling “I rudey, I rudey”. Boys!

Cheeky girl is bundled into her room and dressed into her warm and cuddly pyjamas. After a quick story and night time cuddle with mummy, she is then  tucked in tight into her cot. A quick kiss on the cheek and mummy crosses her fingers as she walks out the door, no crying will follow... so good so far!

Meanwhile Daddy has herded Cheeky Boy into his bedroom and fights him into his pyjamas. Dressing boys at this age is like wrestling an octopus. It’s time for bedtime stories followed by good night kisses. Mummy and Daddy wearily walk down the hallway hand in hand ready for a cup of tea but within a few heartbeats only to hear Cheeky boy yell “Mummy wee wee” followed by a wail echoing down the hallway from Cheeky girls room ….. and so it continues.

Brought to you by Nuffnang  and Johnson’s ®

{Disclosure: For the purposes of full transparency this post is a sponsored post. However all storytelling and dorky singing is my own doing}



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