A Rainforest Room Makeover With Super Amart

Do you have space in your house that isn't just quite right? Maybe the cushions have seen better days, the storage options are lacking or the space just doesn't feel finished. Put your hand up if this is you? I will raise my hand to all of the above. While I love to decorate my home it has been a slow process of trying to piece each space together and make it work. In my mind, not all areas are finished but are still a work in progress. The second living room is such a space at the moment. It has gone through so many changes over the last few years from being a highly decorative living area to being paired down to a kid-friendly playroom that is now lacking in a few areas. While it looked okay on the surface, it had some issues underneath. You see it was a barely functioning space overflowing with toys and in need of a splash of colour.  Super Amart approached me with the opportunity pick a space in my home to re-decorate and I jumped at the chance. The second living area was going to get a mini makeover and I couldn't wait to get shopping.

The brief for this space was fairly simple – I was after a smart storage option for the kids toys because you can never have enough storage with kids.  The train table we had pushed up against the wall just wasn't cutting it and it took a fair bit of space up where it was. The second thing was to finish off the finer details of the room such as bringing a more cohesive colour scheme and decorative elements to the room. I was going through a very "muted" and "neutral" stage when I initially decorated this area a few years ago. For some reason, I got scared of colour and everything had to be beige, white or very natural. While it looked okay, it didn't have any pizazz or wow factor when you first walked into it. It was all a little ho-hum.

With those points in mind, I logged onto the Super Amart website to see what my $200 budget could do. I went straight to looking at storage options for the kids. There were a few different options to choose from such as plastic tub storage solutions or the simple but efficient cube storage. I earmarked these options and then went straight to the Homewares section to start planning what I was going to do with the decorative side of the space.

I went to the cushion section as that would be my starting point in choosing a colour theme. There were so many great options to choose that I started getting stuck with what to choose. I had a few favourites but was unsure if I was on the right track. I thankfully stumbled across the Real Living Inspired Looks in the Furniture section of the website. This area has heaps of different curated rooms to give an idea of what products to use together. It gave me some direction to go with my favourite cushions I had picked out and helped immensely. The Tropical Dream tickled my fancy and I fell in love the pops of green and laid back feel that it invoked. If I couldn't run away to my own rainforest escape, maybe I could put a little piece of paradise in my living area.

  1. Spanish Glassware Posy Vase $16.95
  2. Array Cushion 50cm in Lime $29.95
  3. Rainforest Cushion 40cm $29.95
  4. Horten Table Lamp $59.95
  5. Kubix 9 Cube Storage Unit $45.00

So with that in mind I started pulling together the look I wanted for my living room. I searched through my house before making my final decision for any pieces that could be used in this room. My husband had recently printed a gorgeous photo of Russell Falls in Tasmania and it had a gorgeous rainforest feel. I knew this would be the centrepiece of the room and I would choose the remaining decorative pieces around it.  I also had a stash of gorgeous palm tree printed fabric that I would utilise and make some complimentary cushion covers to match the Rainforest Cushion I chose from Super Amart. After grouping together the decorative pieces I had at home, I sat down on the Super Amart website and pulled together the remaining items to finish off the room. The Rainforest cushion would complement the palm tree fabric I already had, I then chose the Spanish Glass Posy Vase to punctuate the green theme going on in the room. I loved the wooden detail in the Horten Table Lamp and knew it would look great on our side table so that was an easy choice. For the storage option, I settled on the Kubix 9 Cube Storage Unit – in white to house all the kids' toys. I couldn't believe how many items I was able to get within my $200 budget.

 Choosing everything on the Super Amart website was so easy and peaceful and all the products were there at the click of a mouse. No running after crazy kids in the store and I could choose everything in the comfort of my home. I found the website easy to navigate and upon checking out was delighted to see the different options for collection. You either could get the items delivered to your door for a fee or "Click & Collect" from the store. I chose the latter and sent through my order to Super Amart in a few click of the buttons.

A week later I received a call from Super Amart advising me that my order had arrived in store but my Rainforest cushions were going to take some weeks to arrive in store. The staff were super helpful and polite and even chased up with the supplier to see if there was a chance of getting the original rainforest cushion in earlier.  While this normally wouldn't be a problem I did need to get this post written up and photographed for you guys so I decided to change my cushion option purely for time's sake. I decided to go to the store and pick up my order and have a browse in store at what cushions were available. When I arrived to collect my items in store the staff members helped me umm and ahh over different cushion options. They were so patient and helpful and even ran around the store looking for all the different options to match the palm tree fabric I was going to use to complement the room. The kids, on the other hand, were not patient and helpful – imagine a 3-year-old in a large room full of bouncy lounges!!!

I finally settled on the Array Cushion in Green and I am super happy that I had to choose a different cushion to use in the room as worked out for the best. The Super Amart crew helped load my car with all the goodies I had purchased and I made my way home with crazy kids in tow. Hubby and I spent a romantic date night together putting together the Kubix storage unit ready to be installed in the room.

By now the excitement was building and I couldn't wait to put everything together to make my room into the Rainforest retreat I had imagined. While the kids were sleeping one afternoon, I made the changes to the room by moving in the Kubix storage unit and filled it with the kid's toys. Obviously in real life it will never look this tidy. Sigh. I then placed the rainforest print onto the wall and fluffed the Array cushions on the sofa and matched them with the existing white cushions I already had there.

I added the Spanish Glass Posy Vase to the Kubix storage unit and added some fern fronds for more rainforest feel. I styled the Horten Lamp onto our side table with a leftover rattan placemat I had stored away along with a few loved trinkets. That set of wooden elephants was a keepsake from a trip we did to India a few years ago. I then whipped up a set of cushion covers using the rainforest fabric I had stored away in my fabric stash and they adorned the wingback chairs.

After putting together all the elements in the room, I stood back to admire the finished result.  I am really happy with how it all turned out. The room does feel so much brighter with the pops of green around the place. It feel really restful and relxing with the calming green catching your eye as you scan the room. J.D walked into the room after his nap and his eyes got wide and he looked at me in delight and said "Wow mum that's amazing" followed by "Thank you mummy" as he stroked the new cushions on the sofa. These exclamations are a daily occurence in our household. Well, he's easily pleased!

As you can see the before and after photos really do speak for themselves. The room now looks more complete, bright and restful and not to mention more functional with the storage unit holding all the kids toys. My OCD brain is now happy with a tidy and finished room. My mission is complete!

If you have a little spot in your house in need of a little extra attention, I urge you to jump onto the Super Amart website and have a browse at the range of Furnishings and Homewares they have available. I found the service to be excellent and the products to be extremely reasonably priced and of great quality. You too can have the room of your dreams with a little imagination, a touch of inspiration and with the help of Super Amart.

Super Amart is hosting a "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway this month so be sure to pop over to their website to find out full details.

 {Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for the products that I purchased from Super Amart. However all opinions and concept ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow The Whimsical Wife to keep Cooking, Creating & Decorating}



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