Sew Your Own Water Colour Cushions In Under 30 Min

Oh hi, guys. Long time no talk it seems these days. I am still here in the land of blogging even though blog posts seem to be few and far between at the moment. I haven't forgotten about you guys. This month I have been trying to be mindful about how I spend my time. Less time on social media and more time focusing on the family and sometimes me. Me time is a luxury with two kids and when I do find a little snippet of time that doesn't include wiping up the messes that two pairs of sticky hands make. I struggle to know what to do for myself, and I end of faffing the time away on Facebook or cleaning up the house and end up wishing I did something a little more constructive.

I did find myself with a little extra time a couple of months ago and whipped up these gorgeous watercolor cushions for my bedroom. I stumbled across a life changing tutorial by Centsational Girl for her Easiest Pillow Covers Ever, and it made me smack my head with how easy it is to make cushion covers. I have sewn a few over the past couple of years and after making this set, I couldn't believe I had been doing it all wrong. Life Changed.I am going to talk you through briefly how I went about making mine set but for a more in-depth, tutorial go and visit Centsational Girls tutorial here.

I have been slowly trying to finish off our Master bedroom for the past oh five years or so. I am slowly getting there. We bought a new bed about a year ago now and finally added some art to the wall above it. I love the white bedspread as it is such a great blank canvas. I thought maybe a white bedspread would be bad for kids, and while it does get dirty easy I can just throw it in the wash with a splash of bleach, and it's good as new again. I am still deciding what to do with the side tables and possibly changing up the bedside lamps in the future. Anyway, enough of my yabbering let's get on to how to make these cushions shall we.

The first step is to select the cushion you are going to recover. I had a set of two white cushions that I was using on my bed and wanted a little more pizzaz, so I decided to recover these. You can buy cushion inserts from your local craft or haberdashery store.

If you don't know the dimensions of your cushion make sure you measure it before going to buy the fabric required. My cushion dimensions were 45cm x 45 cm. So for material I ended up getting about 1.5m of material that was 110cm wide. This was more than enough to cover both cushions with a small amount left over. I am totally in love with my water colour fabric that I got from my local Spotlight store. I ended up buying furnishing fabric for my cushions but any sturdy fabric would work in this case.

I measured and cut my material for the cushions making sure I left enough seam allowance for the width of the cushion. I allow about 2.5cm per side. These covers are essentially one long strip of material that is wrapped around the cushion and enveloped at the back. So when cutting out the length of material make sure you add about 20cm extra each end to allow the material to overlap at the back.

The next step is to fold over each end of the cushion and sew a 2.5cm seam. I then folded the material over with the right sides together and overlapped the edges to create the envelope back. Measure top to bottom to make sure that it is correct to the size of the cushion you are covering. If not move the centre pieces further in our out to get the correct size. Next pin the left and right seams making sure again that the width from each side is the correct measurements to your cushion. Sew up each left and right seam and overlock the edges. If you don't own an overlocker, simply zig zag stitch them.

Once completed give the whole cover a good iron and turn inside out. Fit onto your desired cushion and faff away with them until you are happy with their placement! I love the burst of colour that these cushions give my bed now. I think I ended up making these two cushion covers for about $20. Now that is what I call a bargain. Designer looking cushion covers made in under 30 minutes for under $30. Sweet as! Love this? Make sure you pin it or share it!



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