10 Ways To Keep The Family Toasty In Winter

Ah winter, winter, we have a love-hate relationship we do. While winter is not my favourite season of the year, there are some ways to keep the spirits high in the cold and windy months. As parents, we have a job to make sure the family stays warm and well during the cold winter, and I thought I would share with you some ways I keep my family warm, toasty and happy!

1. Drink all the hot drinks:

It's important to keep hydrated in the winter months especially if you are sick with a cold. While a glass of cold water isn't especially appetising a warm cup of something is. I always make sure I have a variety of teas and herbal teas on hand to keep me interested, and a hot cup of something always warms my belly and hands up on a cold day. For the kids warm some milk up with a dash of cocoa powder and a drizzle of maple syrup for a healthy hot chocolate. If you are struggling with a cold, my favourite concoction is slices of fresh ginger, a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of honey in a mug and topped with hot water. I let this steep for about 2-3 minutes and sip away to help stop any niggling sore throats. If you can sneak away from the kids and snuggle in bed with a cuppa and a book, DO IT!

2. Eat all the warm things:

One of the best ways to keep the family toasty and warm in winter is to serve up some seriously warming comfort food. Think stews, soups, casseroles and not to mention the occasional pudding or steaming dessert. Make sure you check out the recipe section on the blog to find some seriously delicious winter foods such as this Cauliflower, Bacon & Potato Soup pictured above.

Wool Blend Strip Socks by MiniJumbuk 
 3. Keep the toes warm:

For me, one way of keeping myself and my kids toasty is to ensconce our feet in a pair of good quality socks to keep our little footsies and toes warm. I recommend buying some quality socks to keep your feet not only warm but to let them breathe as well. A wool blend sock is the best way to go if you can and the brighter they are, the happier they make me.

Image Via MiniJumbuk Instagram

4. Wear all the slippers:

After you have wrapped your toes up in a good pair of socks, the next thing to do is to make sure you have yourself a good pair of slippers or Ugg boots. I live in my ugg boots in winter and find that next level of warmth help keep the body warm especially if you have a cold house like ours. I also find the kids get less runny noses if I keep their feet warm during the day. Again a good quality pair of boots or slippers is a must. Something hardwearing and comfy is a must.

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5. Keep the house warm:

Keep the house adequately warmed. While this is not always possible depending on your heating options, it's all about doing what you can do. We are lucky enough to have a wood fireplace that I keep ticking over during the day on a low heat to keep the house at a reasonable temperature. If I can't get the house warm enough I always make sure we all put on another layer and snuggle under a blanket and watch a movie or something.

6. Layer up: 

Layering up clothes in winter is a must especially if you are moving from the car to the shops or running the kids to school. I find layers of singlets, tunics, tights, boots, scarves and jumpers the best way to keep myself at the right temperature throughout the winter months. It's easy to take a layer off or add one on depending on how your feel. I do this with the kids as they seem to run hotter if they are running about working up a sweat. I always, always make sure they have singlets on underneath anything they wear morning and at night.

7. Get some fresh air:

This might seem a strange option, but I find if I rug the kids up with coats and beanies and go for a short play outside. We always come back inside appreciating the temperature of the house over the biting winds outside. This also helps get the gremlins out of the kids if they have been in the house too long and need to run off some pent up energy.

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8. Snuggle up tight:

Oh, how I love snuggling under warm flannelette sheets and my favourite wool blanket and doona on a cold winter's night. However, it does make it especially hard to get out of bed in the morning when it is so warm and toasty under the covers. I always make sure I have breathable bedding on our bed during winter. There is nothing worse than getting hot and sweaty under the covers and feeling like you are suffocating. Investing in quality bed linen is a must an this means breathable wool blankets and quilts to keep you warm but not sweating like mad. Check out the range at MiniJumbuk for a variety of breathable wool quilts in a variety of sizes. This goes for the kids as well. I make sure that J.D has a good quality quilt covering him during the winter months to keep him sleeping through the night. Getting him to stay under it. - well, that is another story!!

Image Via MiniJumbuk Instagram

9. Keep the babies warm:

While my current children aren't quite babies anymore their bedding needs are different to a newborn baby. We will be facing this scenario of a newborn in the house again in a few months time, and I find having good quality bedding to wrap up your precious bundle is important. Again I stress the importance of breathability here for a newborn as they can't regulate their body temperature, and it's important they don't get too cold or overheated so a beautiful wool blanket is a great investment to have in the cot for the winter months. Something like this gorgeous Baa Baa Blanket by MiniJumbuk would be the perfect addition to any cot. Plus if they stay nice and warm during the winter months there is a greater chance of them sleeping through the night and not waking in the early hours of the morning because they are cold. I know I don't want to be up tending to a baby at 4 am freezing my toes off!

10. Hibernate:

If all else fails, turn into a bear and go and find a cave to hibernate in! I know I would if I could! :-)

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{Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsored post by Mini Jumbuk, however, all recommendations and opinions are my own. Thank-you for supporting business's that keep The Whimsical Wife running}



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