Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks + Gender Reveal

Okay, so I have made you guys wait nearly a week for me to post my 20-week pregnancy update AND post the gender reveal. I am so so sorry it has taken me this long. Life just happened, and I never got around to putting it all together. So here I am on a Friday afternoon while the boy and girl sleep finally putting something together. Thank you all for your patience!

The Bump:

Is growing and expanding so quickly. I am now officially half way, and I can't believe we have reached this point. I think I said that back in my 18-week post, but it's true. Honestly, I feel like I haven't had a lot of time to ponder this pregnancy a whole lot since I am running after two kids and working part time from home. Life is hectic. I keep saying to hubby I am terrified at how I am going to balance this all when this next one comes along!! Deeps breaths and taking one day at a time I think.


The last week I feel like I have lost a bit of my second-trimester energy. Or maybe I have been going to hard for too long with all the extra energy I had and used it all up. I have been trying to take it easy resting, eating and trying to relax a bit, but that never happens. Plus I feel like crying all the time too and that is just not me. I am not one to feel all teary and emotional and I blame it on all these dang pregnancy hormones. Gah. I was watching One Born Every Minute the other day and one of the births didn't end up going so well (i.e the baby had complications and died :-( ) And I just had tears running down my face and little sobs coming out of my mouth and I was thinking to myself "what the heck is wrong with me?". SO yeah all the hormones are oozing out of my pores at the moment. Poor husband!


I've got a few freelance projects on the go at the moment which keep me busy on top of juggling the two other munchkins. If you follow me on Snap Chat: whimsicalwife. You will get sneak peeks of what I am doing live plus real life post of behind the scenes of my crazy life with my crazy children. I vowed and declared I wouldn't start up another social media channel, but I really love to snap chat (finally once I worked out how to use it). It's real life stuff, not the pretty stuff that sometimes is not real life like Instagram can sometimes be.
I have been pestering hubby to do a few more spontaneous things this year since the end of the year will be taken up with a newborn. I want to try and plan/do a little trip or adventure as I've been calling it to J.D. We are looking for some ideas or places to go that are within driving distance in the South East Queensland area close to Brisbane or the Gold Coast.


I am over wearing jeans already, and we are only ten days into winter. I have jumped on the tights and ankle boots wagon and am wearing a lot of loose-fitting dresses and long tunics to dress the bump. I find this sort of outfit SO comfortable and don't find buttons or zips digging into my belly like when I'm wearing jeans.


All the wrong things. Ha. No, not really. As I said in my 18-week post, I have been trying to be mindful in my food choices lately because hot chips and toast won't cut it. So I have been enjoying lots of soup such as pumpkin, pea and ham and beef and barley soups to warm the belly. On the day's, I feel so lazy and can't be bothered making lunch I normally make a smoothie of some kind to fill the belly and J.D normally likes to join me drinking this. He's a real smoothie fiend. Little Miss doesn't mind them but she makes such a mess with them I avoid giving her to much. I am really really really craving lots of chocolate still, especially after lunch time. I am normally raiding the chocolate chip container an hour after lunch.

Bump Appointment:

So I have an ObGyn appointment scheduled next week, but I had my morphology (20-week scan) scan done last week, and we found out the gender of baby 3.0. I had the appointment on Wednesday and had to wait until Saturday to find out the sex of the baby since we were doing a gender reveal party with the family. Boy was that a hard couple of days waiting. I got the sonographer to write the baby's gender on a piece of paper and pop it into an envelope at the end of the scan. He could only give me an 80% certainty of the sex since babies legs were in the way a bit. That made me a bit nervous. I then popped down to my local Pumpkin Patch store and picked out two outfits. A boy and a girl version of a onesie. I dropped it off at the counter and asked the ladies to peek into the envelope while I went to the grocery store and box up the outfit of the right sex. I popped back and paid for it and walked out with my wrapped package. Then the waiting game began! I was a good girl and never peeked because I didn't want to wreck the surprise on the day. SO you want to know what the gender is? Well I made a little video for you. Happy watching!


Pink or Blue?? Let's find out below:



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