Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

We've reached the six month mark now and I can tell you I am definitely feeling like a pregnant women. Not quite waddling yet but the bump is really prominent now. I missed the 22 week update because the two kids were both down and out with gastro and there was no way I could pull myself together to comb my hair and get out of my pajama's for a decent photo. #mumlyfe

The Bump:

As I mentioned above the bump is growing quickly now. I've noticed it getting it the way a little bit, bumping into things and trying to get my shoes on and dressing the kids is starting to become a bit more difficult. I really am dreading the latter stages of pregnancy with trying to look after two kids and having a BIG belly to contend with. Plus it's been SOOOO cold lately and I thought my little internal heater might have kicked in by now to keep me warm!


I've been really struggling in the last couple of weeks with energy and motivation. I guess bub is getting bigger now and I feel myself slowing down a lot. The second trimester burst of energy has long gone I think and now I am in for the long haul of probably feeling tired until the end of time! I've also lost my appetite again which is a bit of a bummer. There was a few month's there that I couldn't get enough of all the food but now food (other than chocolate) doesn't really interest me and I find most things unappetizing - especially at dinner time! Don't get me started on the irrational pregnancy emotions and the need to cry at every.little.thing! So basically by the sounds of me I'm a bag of FUN! Ha.


So I've got a bunch of freelance projects on the go which need finishing in the next few weeks. I created my dream shoot last weekend on the lower back paddock behind our house. It was for one of these freelance jobs and I wanted to take it it to the next level. It was for a Christmas issue and I created a dreamy, rustic respectable using pine foliage, pine cones, rustic log place mats and lots of candles.

I have also been knee deep in pram and capsule research - because #3 kids! I currently have a phil and ted pram which is great but it's not really friendly for the newborn stage. I am really kicking myself for not buying a proper setup with my first baby because we've kind of limped along with a second hand old school capsule and whatever pram we had at the time. My ultimate setup was the Baby Jogger City Select pram with a capsule that could click from the car to the pram. So with hubby's permission we decided to try and find a second hand setup that would work for our now expanding family. Poor J.D will be kicked out of the pram and will now have to walk and Little Miss is being promoted to big sister in the pram. I bet she'll get a kick out of that. I ended up finding two great deals on Gum Tree, one on a double City Select pram and a capsule that was compatible with the pram.

Oh and we are now in the throes of updating our car too. Since our current car - a Suburu Forrester cannot fit 3 car seats along the back we've decided to upgrade to a large car. Gee having a third child becoming more expensive than I imagined.


My favourite outfit to wear most days is track pants and a pink sweater I've had for over 10 years. That's my daggy at home outfit which I feel most comfortable!! I have also grabbed another pair of maternity jeans because wearing the same pair over and over was getting a little old. I stumbled across Just Jean's mid year sale and they had maternity jeans down from $99.95 to $25 and I was instantly sold! I couldn't argue with that. So that pair is now in rotation in my ever decreasing wardrobe.


Well just whatever I can find in the fridge that's easy and fuss free at the moment. Lots of smoothies, eggs on toast, some pancakes that I had frozen in the freezer (that lifted the spirits), lots of fruit and energy balls.


It's a GIRL! If you didn't see our gender reveal post make sure you pop on over to it here. Now hubby and I are struggling to agree on names. He has one he really likes and is pretty much set on it. Me well I don't want to lock in a name so early in the game and like to keep my options open. We'll see who wins!

Bump Appointments:

I've got my blood glucose test coming up which I am really really not looking forward to. For those that don't know what the pregnancy glucose test is I'll enlighten you. It's basically drawing blood from a hungry, fasting pregnant women then make her drink the sweetest, stickiest most awful lemonade drink and then give her 2 more blood tests over a 2 hour period. I am honestly thinking about trying to refuse it because I hate it that much. I felt so ill every time I've done it so I'm really not looking forward to it third time around.



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