Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

I've officially popped BIG TIME! Would you look at that belly? Eek. It's like my poor abs have given in the ghost and put it all out there now. Who am I kidding I never had any, to begin with!!!

The Bump:

Yep, the bump is now front and centre, and there is no going back now until labour day. I was looking back at my 24 weeks post, and I can't get over the difference in the last two weeks. It's crazy how much the bump has grown. I can tell you though I have noticed the difference in size in just moving around, my clothes and the inevitable aches and pains that have started to present themselves. I never measured my belly with the other two pregnancy's but just comparing my 27 weeks post with Little Miss's pregnancy I am pretty much the same size I think. Maybe a teeny bigger! I fear that I will have an outie belly button before we enter the last stages of the pregnancy. I'm not sure how I feel about that!


The last two weeks have been truly awful. My all day sickness has returned with a vengeance, and I fear that it will stay with me until the end now. I'm so annoyed.I never had this happen with my first two pregnancies, so this is a new thing to have to deal with. I thought I had left this nastiness behind me. I have had to give in and go back on my anti-nausea medication just to get through the day which wasn't what I had planned. To top things off, I've had a nasty case of heartburn and acid reflux visit me during this time as well, and I have never experienced anything so painful in my life. I was lucky enough never to have this with the other two kids. Pure evilness! As I said in my 24 weeks update my burst of second-trimester energy has long gone now and I'm in for the long haul till the end now.

Yesterday was one of the best day's I've had in a couple of weeks and the stars aligned, and I was able to feel reasonably normal which was so refreshing. Exercise has gone out the window for the moment as I am just trying to get through each day. I hope to start back walking again once the weather warms but that all depends on my energy levels.


Not a lot really. I have freelance jobs hanging around in the background that I have been making small progress with every few days when I can. It's frustrating for me to have to pull back so much when I normally want to conquer the world. I have been taking some time out to continue learning how to paint in watercolours while the kids nap (well one does, JD bounces off the walls in his room) It's been refreshing to do something just for me that doesn't require perfection, a finished result or a reason to do it. Just because I want to. While I am quite an amateur but have been fluffing around learning from YoutTube channels and playing around with how watercolours behave. I'm hooked.

This week I have been testing a dairy free ice cream recipe (you can check out the happenings over on snap chat: whimsicalwife) using cashews and chia pudding base. While the first try wasn't perfect, it was nearly there. I just needed to tweak a couple of things before I try again. I hope to be able to post it to the blog if I can get a successful recipe. Yum Yum.


Jeans, jeans and well more jeans. I am over wearing maternity jeans, but it's what is comfortable at the moment, and it requires no thinking when I chuck them on in the morning. In love with these T-shirts, I'm wearing in this photos. I got them from Dotti, and I ordered black, grey, and a maroon one and they are so comfortable. They aren't a maternity shirt but a big slouchy tee that still fits my bump. Not sure that will be the case in another month, though. I also picked this khaki jacket up on sale a few months ago from Dotti. Love it also!


The last two weeks have not been very friendly in the food department. I have been eating whatever sits well and doesn't make me too sick. Sometimes that's avocado on toast. Sometimes it's a tuna salad. Other times it's a stinking big chocolate brownie. Although my heartburn tells me later, that wasn't such a good ideas. Ha. Oh if you are the market to make a really nice chocolate cake make sure you check out my Boozy Chocolate Sultana Cake. It's divine!

I have serious cravings for a lemon meringue pie or any sweet pie for that matter and I believe will have to make one this weekend to soothe those cravings. I think I have talked about it every night this week to hubby, and he just keeps telling me to make one. I will but let me find some energy first!


Sweet baby girl!! Still, can't decide on a name or more like can't agree on one!

Bump Appointments:

I have my gestational diabetes test next week. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I am dreading it and quite afraid I could possible throw it all back up with how I have been feeling lately. I wonder if I will get out of doing it if I do that? Hmmm.

I have a health and well being scan booked for next month which is to check baby's measurements and see that everything is all on track. I will ask the ObGyn to double check the sex as well just to be sure - you know! :-)



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