Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

I'm keeping things real in today's post. Since the last post I was done up to the nine's this one well I'm quite the opposite. Hat on head to hide oily hair, sunglasses on to hide bags under the eyes and lack of makeup. Plus I'm wearing clothes that I'm most comfortable in these days. Yoga pants and loose fitting tops. I didn't get a chance to snap some pictures when I was going out during the week and well today was a home day since hubby had to take the car to get some stuff done to it. I snuck out into the garage (yes that's where these pics are taken) and set up the tripod and camera while the kids were entertained watching Paw Patrol. They are obsessed with that show! The show finished before the end of me trying to get some decent pictures so they joined me in one at the end of the post. Barefoot, food on face and scruffy hair - keeping it real folks!

The Bump:

I think it's growing in leaps and bounds now. My shirts are starting to ride up, and I find I need to wear layers such as a longer singlet underneath to stop my belly peeking out. I am starting to feel a lot of stretching in my pelvic region as well as a fair bit of pain if I have been standing too much during the day. I am not feeling super uncomfortable yet, but I am sure over the next ten weeks things are going to get tight!


Ahh, I could whine all day about how I feel but I won't. I am sure my husband has heard enough of it. Things have been rough health wise as I mentioned in my 28-week post. My reflux and morning sickness have been manageable over the past two weeks with constant medication and watching closely what I eat. Over the past six weeks, I have thrown up more times that I have in both my previous pregnancies combined. I really can't wait to have this baby honestly. That being said I do feel better than I did a month ago but just need to manage what I can do in a day now as I am getting tired quicker. Oh and don't get me started on the late term pregnancy insomnia.


Hubby is trying to build some built-in cupboards in our garage at the moment that is going to house all my food photography props and bit and bobs. We have to move Little Miss out of the nursery into our old office/studio and create a room for her in there. I am feeling pretty unorganised with this baby and had a bit of a panic attack when I realised the countdown is on now with only 10 or so weeks to go. There feels like there is a bit to do before I can let this baby come. I haven't washed any baby clothes or even bought a newborn nappy yet, so I think it's time to start writing some lists of what I need to do. Times is ticking!

I am going away to a food photography workshop this weekend at the Gold Coast, and hubby and I are taking the opportunity to run away for the weekend and leaving the kids with the grandparents. I think this will be our only opportunity to spend some quality time together before the baby is born as it is so hard to carve out time these days. It's our ten year anniversary three days before I am due so it was a bit disappointing we can't do anything extravagant to celebrate. It'll probably just be dinner out for now, and maybe we might plan a small getaway late next year.


I've started rummaging through my spring maternity clothes to see what options I will have once the weather warms up a bit. I make a few adjustments to some maxi skirts and dresses so that they fit a bit better and I can't wait to wear them now. I am so sick of wearing jeans.


I've been on a bit of a smoothie kick for lunch lately. It seems to hit the spot as I don't feel like eating anything heavy, and I am having fun playing with different combinations. My current favourite is frozen mixed berries, banana, spinach, carrot, chia and almond milk. I have got my appetite back and have been craving bakery style apple slice, kit-kat and almond butter. I made a batch of almond butter the other day, and I've been enjoying it on slices of apple or straight from the jar. Delicious.


Homemade kombucha has been hitting the spot a bit lately. A friend gave us a couple of bottles when my stomach was playing up, and I have been enjoying a glass of it a day. I like the taste and find it refreshing to have during the day.

Sitting in the sun has been so refreshing for me. When I feel like the winter blues are creeping up, and I'm struggling with the kids I drag a picnic blanket outside, and we enjoy either morning tea or lunch in the sun and the kid's play and run off some energy. It's been truly refreshing.

Getting my eyebrows done. If you are a women, and you have been walking around with terribly bushy eyebrows for months you will know what I am talking about. Over the past two years, I have been terribly slack in getting my eyebrows shaped, and I have found a wonderful lady who has been working wonders on my sad eyebrows. I feel like a new woman when I walk out of the salon with fresh eyebrows. Just don't get me started on my hair. That's next on my list.


It's definitely a girl. I had a scan last week, and while he was scanning bub I asked him to make sure it was a girl, and he could positively say she was all girl! That was a relief!

Bump Appointments:

I am now at fortnightly check up appointments which was a bit of a shock at first. I didn't think I was up to the point yet, but I think I've had my head in the sand a bit with how far along we actually are. Even though I whinge about it taking so long it's also going really quickly. My Glucose Tolerance Test results came back fine so that was a bit of relief. I don't think I could have dealt with that as well.
I have to get another scan on bub in a month to check her growth. She was measuring on the small side last week and he wanted to check she was growing okay. His prediction was that she wouldn't be any bigger than Little Miss was which was about 7 pounds. As long as she is growing healthy and strong I don't mind pushing out a smaller baby! Ha.



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