How To Make Your Own Grid Memo Board For Under $30

Gone are the days of the sad and daggy cork boards taking over the home office. The new trend in home office organisation is the Wire Grid Memo Board. These trendy boards make showing off your bits and pieces a work of art. Who wouldn’t want to display artfully one’s musings and inspirations on one of these boards? It is super simple and oh so quick to make one of these boards and before you know it you will be faffing about adding your favourite bits and pieces to create your own piece of home office art. Only a few materials are required and for under $30 you can proudly hang one of these in your home office.

1 x mini panel 600 x 900 x 50mm wire mesh 
One packet of removable cable organiser hooks
One can paint & prime matte black spray paint
Accessories to decorate

Step 1: Place the wire mesh into a protected but open area in preparation for painting. Add pieces of wood underneath to raise it above the ground.

Step 2: Using even strokes spray the first side of the wire mesh and let it dry for about an hour. Repeat on the other side and let it dry again.

Step 3: Select two of the removable cable hooks and give these a spray with the spray paint. Making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Let these dry completely before using.

Step 4: Once the hooks and wire mesh have dried it is time to install into your board. Measure our the height and width of your board and calculate where to stick the hooks. Once the measurements have been made, attach the sticky hooks to the desired spot.

Step 5: Open up the cable hooks and place the wire mesh rungs into the mouth of the hook. Close the mouth of the hook to attached the mesh board to the wall.

Step 6: Add your artistic touch to your board with your favourite quotes, photos, to-do lists and bits and pieces. Enjoy the artistic organisation that this board will bring to your home office.

If you get into the DIY mood and make one of these boards I would love to see it in all it's glory. Make sure you tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your creations.



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