Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

I felt like I only wrote my 30-week update the other day but here we are at 32 weeks. Time sure is flying by. I think that will be a bit of a common phrase over the next eight weeks. That and I wish this baby would come already! Ha.

The Bump:

I feel pregnant now! The bump is getting to the size of it truly being in the way. Before it was there but didn't interfere too much with everyday activities. However, in the last week, I feel like it has got to a size that I am having trouble manoeuvring around. Such as doing up my shoelaces on my shoes, putting socks on, getting out of bed or from a crouched position. There is a bit of heaving involved to get off the floor or out of bed some days! Ha. Also all my normal t-shirts that I was passing off over my bump are starting to ride up now so it was time to start looking at wearing proper maternity shirts or get some longer ones. No one wants to see a belly poking out the bottom of a shirt. Well I don't want that anyway.


The usual suspects are still around such as reflux, bouts of nausea and vomiting and feeling weary. I noticed I had a bit of a peak in energy the last two weeks as the iron infusion I had must have kicked in. This week though I am feeling tired again, but that is probably because the kids are running rings around me at the moment and I feel like I can't keep up.

I had a bit of a moment last weekend when I took the kids with me to a local cactus and succulent market. Hubby had to get some jobs done with the impending birth of this baby looming, and I thought I would take the kids so they wouldn't distract him. It didn't turn out the way I anticipated. The market was packed with three people deep at each market table. I didn't bring a pram to keep the kids contained in because the place had stairs to enter. So I was trying to hold the kid's hands, keep a basket of plants steady and stop Little Miss from having a meltdown because she wanted to be Miss Independent and not hold my hand. I ended up trying to sit them in the corner of the room while I browsed and tried to keep and eye on them. After paying for a plant, I turned around, and both of them had disappeared. I ran around frantic trying to find them only to hear Little Miss hollering because she couldn't see me and J.D looking amused as he watched some kids nearby. I think I only stayed for about 15 minutes in total but by the end, my nerves were frazzled and was pretty close to tears. I hauled the kids off with me down the stairs with Little Miss wailing, me trying to hold her to console her, hold J.D's hand and in the process lose one of my purchases on the floor. There was dirt EVERYWHERE! I was so embarrassed. I ended up trying to scoop it all back up in the pot, profusely apologise to the proprietors and marched the kids promptly to the car. I cried when I got home thinking how the heck am I going to do life with three kids because I sure as heck am not doing life well with two.


Crazy things. Like going camping with a two and four-year-old with a 32-week pregnant mumma in tow. As I write this, I have bags, and containers of stuff around my ears packed ready for loading into our van. We are going for three nights to Hastings Point BIG 4 Caravan Park as it's pretty kid friendly. We booked this back when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and probably feeling like I could conquer the world. That being said I did go camping when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Little Miss but in hindsight, I only had one other child to contend with and not two. Plus it is forecast for rain over the weekend so that will top things off nicely. I am determined to try and find some time to relax, let the kids run and just be. Will that happen - who knows. My mum and dad will be camping beside us so that is a saving grace as I can corral the kids over to them when I need to rest. This story will be continued in my next pregnancy update. Or follow me over on insta stories where you can see the whole weekend unfold! Ha.


So I gave in and bought a couple of maternity shirts because the shirts I had been living in were starting to ride up my belly and it was beginning not to look very good. I also found a couple of stretchy dresses to wear once the weather warms up and I am hoping that will be very soon. I am OVER wearing jeans! I am also living in yoga pants, and loose-fitting tops because it's just so comfortable. I also invested in a pair of no lace up volley's (wearing in pics) because trying to tie my shoe laces up on my other sneakers were becoming a workout! The only thing is they shred the back of my heels. Does anyone have any tips to save that from happening?


I'm on a bit of a toasted muesli kick at the moment. I make my own muesli and have been having fun playing around with all the add-ins lately. The latest batch I made has shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, sultanas, dried apricots, dried apple and a hint of honey, oh and oats of course. This is my go to snack when I don't feel like eating anything else. It has been lunch a few days this past week with some grated apple and coconut yoghurt. I end the night with a small bowl of this so I don't wake up at 3 am looking for something to eat.

Crunchy red delicious apples have been a bit of a craving of mine lately too. We pick our apples from a Stanthorpe grower at our local farmer's markets. We've been a bit late the past few weeks to the markets, and he has run out of the red delicious every time. Gah. We end up with pink ladies, and they are nearly out of season and don't quite have the juicy crunch!


The days that I can lay my tired head on my pillow for an afternoon nap is pure bliss. This is becoming a regular thing now that I've hit 30 weeks. It helps me get through the afternoon with the kids and get dinner on the table. That being said the days J.D is home from daycare aren't very restful as he doesn't nap anymore and the days are numbered that he will willingly go into his room to "rest". He bangs around in his room for about an hour before sheepishly coming out to whisper to me "I can't sleep very well, mummy". This usually coincides with me just laying my head down on my pillow.


Precious Baby Girl - full name is locked and loaded! We use it a bit at home, and I've nearly blurted it out to family so I've stopped referring to her as her name until she is born. I run the name past the kids sometimes, and J.D says that's not her name. Her name is prickle pants baby - Ah the mind of a 4-year-old.

Things To Do:

This is a new section to the pregnancy update post. This might help me get myself motivated in getting stuff organised for this baby because I still have not done a thing.

  • Build built-in cupboards to house food props
  • Move photography studio out of spare room
  • Move Little Miss into spare room and decorate her room
  • Clean & organise nursery
  • Wash & organise baby clothes
  • Buy baby stuff - i.e nappies etc
  • Pack hospital bags & babies bag
  • Install baby capsule
Have I missed anything! :-)

Bump Appointments:

So I had a follow-up scan last week on the growth of baby girl as she measured on the small side at her 29-week scan. Thankfully she had made good growth in those two weeks which alleviates any initial fears something isn't right. However, that being said, I think the OB will be keeping a close eye on the growth over the next couple of weeks to check things are progressing well.



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