Happy Due Date & Maternity Photoshoot

Happy due date to me today. I made it to being nine months pregnant for the third time without totally losing my sanity. I lost a bit, but I think I have most of it intact. Reflecting back over the past nine months is not something I wish to do as I feel that this has been the hardest of my three pregnancies. I've been sicker longer, more tired sooner, and had more complications along the way. While I am so happy to finally be at the end and am ready to meet this little girl, I am also dreading the next six weeks juggling a newborn with two rascals running rings around me in the meantime. I know it will be a season but knowing what is ahead of me makes me a little nervous. Third time round you know a little too much. Don't get me started on the birth!!

Anyway, enough of my moaning I thought I would share with you some pictures from my recent maternity shoot that I got done about a month ago now. My talented sister-in-law, Marnie from Marnie M Photography, shot these gorgeous photos on a chilly spring afternoon. It was quite a windy day, but thankfully by the late afternoon it settled down enough to get great photos without the wind whipping your hair around your head. 

I didn't have anything specific in mind for this shoot, but thankfully Marnie had a million different great ideas of what we should do. I just played pregnant model which was fun, and the kids and hubby joined in at the end with a few great family shots. I didn't intend to get any maternity photos done with this pregnancy, but I am so glad I did now considering this will be probably the last time I will be pregnant. It was great to get the kids involved in the shoot as well and while they had a short attention span they did well for the time they needed to be in front of the camera. Plus Marnie is a pro at getting them to play along to get the shot we needed.

That will be the only time I will ever show my stomach on the internet! Ha. It was too cute not to share. The kids not my belly! Ha. While the indoor shots were super cute, my favourite ones were when we were in the field just behind our house. The light was low and golden; the wind had died down, and we managed to get some seriously beautiful shots of the family and myself. I seriously can't decide which photo is my favourite as all of them have something special in them.

The family shots and the one's with hubby and me probably come close to being my favourites because they capture the ones I hold most dear. I can't wait to get the one below blown up and printed out for the wall. Super cute even if the kids are a bit serious. At least they are looking at the camera.

Hubby is not keen on getting photographs but he played along well, and I am glad we got these taken together. They are pretty special.

I will try and do a proper 40-week pregnancy update later this week if I haven't already gone into labour (most unlikely). I generally go at least a week of more overdue with my pregnancies, so I think I still have time up my sleeve.

In the mean time make sure you pop over and say hi to Marnie at Marnie M Photography on her Facebook, Instagram or Visit her website for more details. If you live in the Darling Downs area, make sure you keep her in mind if you have a need to get some great family or newborn photographs to adorn your wall with.



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