Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

I can't believe it's time for another pregnancy update already. The time is flying, and I kinda want to put it hold for a little bit longer because I just don't feel ready to have a baby in my arms just yet. Sounds strange for me to say that so late in the pregnancy but I think with two other rascals under my feet I just am not ready to add a crying newborn to the mix just quite yet. I feel a bit bad saying that because I am excited about meeting our little girl, but I am enjoying where we are at as a family just at this moment.

The Bump:

Is growing I think. I just feel big now, and it is just big, bigger or huge, and I feel all three at the moment. The belly is getting in the way a fair bit, and I struggle most days to work around it especially when I need to get the kids changed, put their shoes on or get on the floor to play with them. I feel like a big elephant when I try to get up from a kneeling position. Lot's of grunting and groaning as I get back up. Ha.


I have slowed down a fair bit in the past fortnight. I struggle to walk a long distance and going up hills, stairs or anything that requires a bit of exertion does me in pretty quickly. I think I have the pregnancy waddle down pat now. The reflux that plagued me back around 30 weeks has made an appearance again thanks to baby girls feel kicking me in the stomach all the time. I won't miss that when she comes, that is for sure.

I've been sleeping like a trooper - other than having to get up to go to the toilet a few times and get up to Little Miss who has just transitioned into a big girls bed. The crazy pregnancy dreams have come full force, and I always get them at the end of my pregnancy, but they drive me a little crazy as they leave me feeling like my mind hasn't stopped all night.

I am also feeling a little apprehensive about embarking on motherhood again with a newborn. I am not a fan of the newborn stage or postpartum period and knowing all too well what is ahead of me is a little anxiety inducing. *Big Breaths* One day at a time eh?


I finally have ticked the last thing off my nesting list this week, and the feeling is good. Other than giving the cot a quick wipe down all my to-do jobs are complete. Since that is all done now, I do feel a bit of a loss what to do with myself. I don't do sitting around very well even if I am tired and heavily pregnant. Ha.

I am trying to spend some quality time with Little Miss & J.D while I can, and this means pulling out all the things I don't usually love doing. Like crafty things, play dough, cutting and glueing and painting. They are lapping it up.

Since I can't sit still, I whipped up a batch of delicious Mulberry Donuts with a Lemon & Cream Cheese Glaze which I posted to the blog this week along with a cute little video of the kids on their springtime afternoon adventures. Make sure you pop over and check it out

My amazing sister-in-law did some maternity photographs for me about two weeks ago and they are pretty special. Go over to her Facebook page - Marnie M Photography to check out the little video she did of our shoot.


Our town finally got a H&M last month, and I managed to pick up a couple of new pieces for my wardrobe that I can fit into even though I am pregnant. This white maternity singlet and stretchy skirt were a great purchase and are super comfortable. Teamed with my most favourite wardrobe piece - my denim jacket it makes this swollen pregnant mumma feel pretty good. It just needs to warm up enough to wear it more than once, though!!! Come on spring get your butt into gear and give us some warmer weather!


I am on a bit of a healthy snickers kick at the moment. I've been experimenting with medjool dates, that are stuffed with salted peanuts and covered in melted chocolate the past few days and I am hooked. I will try and get the recipe up on the blog sometime soon because you guys need these in your life!!!

I can't get enough of smoothies and fruit at the moment. Heavy things aren't sitting so well in my squashed up tummy so light things it is. My favourite smoothie combo at the moment is Almond milk, frozen mango, spinach, avocado, peanut butter, oats, and banana. Yum.

Getting pampered. I booked in to get a pedicure next week as well as my eyebrows done before the baby is born. One thing less to worry about and at least my eyebrows and toes will look good when I am walking around the house in pyjamas covered in baby spew, messy hair and unbrushed teeth.

Reading!!! I finally got back to the library last month and picked up a whole heap of novels. I manage to sneak in a few reading minutes here and there like while the kid's nap or during my nightly bath. It's my guilty pleasure at the moment.

Bump Appointments:

So I continue to have weekly ObGyn appointments until baby girl is born. Last week I had to get a scan and internal exam done as the doc was still concerned about baby's size. He prefaced the appointment with if he weren't happy with the results of the scan he'd be inducing me that week. I may have freaked out a bit inside when he said that. Thankfully everything measured well, and he said I hide the baby well as she is already around 7 pounds and growing well. I breathed a sigh of relief. 



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