Quick, Simple + Oh So Delicious Rocky Road + Video

If you are anything like me with this Christmas thing, you feel like you can't quite keep up with getting everything organised in time. Sure I had my Christmas cake made up in March this year but that's the secret to a good Christmas cake is to make it months in advance. As for everything else Christmas related I feel like I left it to the last minute. I will say I am up to speed on the family Christmas presents, but all the other little things that need tying up I am just so behind. I haven't thought about the little gifts you give out to friends or people that need thanking at the end of the year. Totally didn't cross my mind until this past week and then panic set in. My brain has been wiped blank since having a baby, and I just can't remember anything. Anyone else in the same boat? This is the second Christmas I have had a newborn in my arms and tried to juggle Christmas around (Little Miss H was born in November two years ago) a baby and trying to organise everything. I totally don't recommend it.

However to save the drama of running around the shops (with three kids - eek) trying to find a little something to give people I decided to whip up a batch of my Quick & Easy (but oh so delicious) Rocky Road. It only requires four ingredients and one of those is chocolate and only requires one bowl to mix it all in. Crisis averted. This is the perfect little treat to make for this time of year because it's quick to make, easy to store and who the heck doesn't love ROCKY ROAD. Gah. If you need a little guidance on putting together this Rocky Road slice make sure you pop down to the bottom of the post to see the handy dandy video that I put together.

Everyone has their own taste on what should go into Rocky Road, but for me, I like to keep it simple. Fluffy, soft marshmallows, chewy gummy lollies and the crunch of Brazil nuts peppered throughout and all covered in my favourite chocolate. I got a teeny bit fancy with this Rocky Road and used Cadbury's Black Forest Chocolate bars to hold the rocky road ingredients together. Obviously, you can use plain milk or dark chocolate or whatever favourite chocolate bar you want, but the Black Forest Chocolate adds a touch of class to the slice.

Get the kids involved in helping you make this since they probably need a little entertaining about now. How's school holidays going for you, mums and dads? Mind you by the time they have finished putting all the yummy ingredients into the bowl (and into their mouths) you might not have enough to make the Rocky Road. I know my kids would look like squirrels with their mouths stuffed with marshmallows before I even started making it. That's why I do most of my baking when it's nap time because all though I like them "helping" sometimes it gets to the point of being unhelpful. Ha.

I would recommend cutting this slice after about an hour or so in the fridge. Just enough for the chocolate to set properly but before it goes super hard and requires an axe to try and cut through everything. If you are having trouble cutting it either use a warm knife that has been run under hot water or let the slice sit out for 5-10 minutes before cutting. Try not to eat too many pieces when you are cutting it up. It's slightly addictive.

To give this Rocky Road as a gift either pop pieces of it into small mason jars, mugs or cute bowls and wrap with cellophane and add a tag before handing out to your special people to thank or wish Merry Christmas. It will surely be a well received gift!

Quick & Easy But Oh So Delicious Rocky Road
Prep Time: 15min + Chilling
Cook Time: Nil
Makes: approx 24 pieces

  • 600g Cadbury Black Forest Chocolate (Or you fave choc)
  • 280g Large Marshmallow, cut in half
  • 260g Jelly Babies, cut in half
  • 250g Brazil Nuts, roughly chopped

  1. Line an 18 x 28cm slice tray with baking paper and set aside.
  2. In a large microwavable bowl roughly break up the chocolate into smaller pieces.
  3. Place the bowl into the microwave and cook for 30-second increments until the chocolate has just melted.
  4. Remove from the microwave and add in marshmallows, jelly babies and brazil nuts. Gently stir to combine all the ingredients until they are all covered in the melted chocolate.
  5. Pour the mix into the lined slice tray and press evenly into the pan with a spatula.
  6. Pop the tray into the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour or until just set. Remove and cut into pieces. Pop into an air tight container and pop back into the fridge to firm up even further.
  7. Remove from the fridge just before serving.

Cooks Notes

  • This rocky road slice should last up to 2 weeks in the fridge in an airtight container.
  • For a dairy free option use your favourite dairy-free chocolate to bind it all together.
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