Spring Declutter Challenge

Declutter Challenge.jpg
  • Are you like me and feeling weighed down by the clutter and disorganised state of your home?
  • Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out in frustration.
  • Don't know where to start or have the motivation
  • Why not join in with my Spring Declutter Challenge?
  • 20 days to transform your home from overflowing and unorganised to a stress-free and welcoming home.

I will help you break down your declutter journey into manageable bite-size pieces!

A 20 day plan will be sent straight to you inbox in preparation for the challenge. Each day a prompt will be delivered direct to your email with what needs to be decluttered for the day.  We work from Monday to Friday and the weekends to rest from the challenge. That being said there is opportunities for extra decluttering if you have a fire in your belly to continue.

Simply sign up below to join the Spring Declutter Challenge & receive daily prompts, practical tips and tricks and encouragement to begin your decluttering journey. There is also a Declutter Facebook Page Community to share your trials and tribulations with as your go through your home. 

Imagine where your home could be in 20 days time.