Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Well now that we've got into a bit of a routine things seem to have slowed down a bit on the house. There is little jobs still needed doing on the inside such as architraving to be replaced and painted, lights to be put in, photos to be hung etc. We have started doing a bit out in the yard over the past week which has been a refreshing change to being stuck inside. Bevan has been concentrating on fixing the chook pen up so we can fill it with chooks! I can't wait to have fresh eggs to eat and cook with!

{The chook pen in the middle of repairs}

While bevan has been working on the chook pen, i have attacked the front garden, weeding it and building a stone edge on the otherside of the bed to finish it off. It has been fun hooning around on the ride on mower with the trailor on the back full of rocks! I don't think i could have hauled heavy rocks to the garden bed - so i am glad we have that! 

{My work in progress}

My vision for this garden is to create a hedge of roses along the whole garden. I will use the same type of rose and mass plant it to create a gorgeous hedge of colour (well that's the plan anyway). I am then thinking of using another plant to border the roses - maybe a small japanese box hedge or even dwarf lavender plants would look great. Below are some rose options that i am considering to use - still yet to decided which one i think will look the best - what do you think?

{"Aspirin" Rose}

{"Pompenella" Rose}

{"Bonica" Rose}

This is the look i am thinking of going for with the japanese box hedge but not as formal as this.

or going a little bit less formal with the lavendar. Decisions... Decisions.

Some of our citrus fruits are coming on at the moment, which is pretty exciting. We have a bush full of lemons, lemonade's are ripening and limes are slowly growing. We have a huge bush full of chilli's if anyone is in the need for a few?

{Our lemons - they make GREAT lemon butter}

{Heaps of Brid's eye chillis!}

Before we moved into our house my mum bought me the cutest pair of gum boots in preparation for the country life in our new home! I love them - spots and all!

Abby our dog has been enjoying her time at her new home - lots of yard to sniff out and things to explore and LOTS of doggy friends to visit in our street! She is "dog" tired every night and curls up in her basket sound asleep - and snores! (literally - its quite funny to listen to)

I am an avid junk shopper and I thought i would show you a few of the great things i have aquired in my OP shop trips over the last couple of months. It is such a great way to find things to decorate your house with! I love the unique things i have found and here are a few of my fave things.

{Love this little enamel teapot i picked up - $5.00 - needs a rinse hehehe}

{Country style pitcher - $4.00}

{Country style ceramic mixing bowl - $6.00}

{Vintage cake tin - $8.00 - this is one of my fave things!} LOVE IT xx

{Cute white ceramic bird figurines $2.00}

I have been scouting bargains as well in the shops for stuff for the house and i am happy to say i have come across some good buys! Gotta love end of year sales! Best time to buy stuff i reckon!

{ The mirror on the wall was my bargain of the century - RRP $90.00 - i got if for $15.00}

{Love these patterened cushions i got from spot light - not a HUGE bargain but 30% is pretty good}

{ This jute rug was a steal - 50% off at spotlight}

One day i hope to have some nice couches in this room and i will be painting the dark shelves in the background white and adding some nice seagrass baskets in the holes. ahhh one day when i find some spare time! hahaha. Anyway i think i have exhausted my brain of all things new at the Darr's house. Hope your enjoying my ramblings - would love to hear any idea's, suggestions or comments!



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