Recipe Day

I have been whipping up a few simple yummy things while we have been busy doing things around the house. Thought i would share them with you.

 Mustard Chicken & Turkey Cranberry Pita's

Great little lunch option for those on the go or would also be a great addition to any picnic basket! So bring out your picnic rug, fill a flask full of coffee and find a nice sunny spot this weekend!

{These are super easy to make, super yummy, low in fat and also healthy!}


* To serve 4

4 wholemeal pita breads - cut in half and hollowed out
Lettuce - shredded
Tomato - diced
Cucumber - cubed
Corn - tinned
avocado - diced
shallots - finely sliced
2 boiled eggs - sliced
Roasted chicken - shredded
1 Tablespoon Whole grain mustard
3 Tablespoons Mayonnaise (97% fat free)

Sliced turkey breast - sliced
2 Tablespoon Hummus
Cranberry sauce


1. Add all salad ingredients into a bowl with the egg and lightly toss.  Separate evenly between two bowls. 

2.Add diced chicken, mayonnaise and mustard, salt & pepper to one bowl, toss lightly to combine set aside.

3. In the other bowl add turkey, hummus, salt & pepper and toss lightly to combine.

4. In 4 halves of the pita bread spread some cranberry sauce in the inside. Fill with turkey mixture and set on a plate. Add chicken mixture to the the rest of the pita halves and add to plate.

5. Enjoy.

These would be great lightly toasted as well.


Chilli & Mint Marinade

This great little marinade is perfect for those who need to make dinner in a hurry but want something to add a little pizzaz to your steak or chicken. This marinade is brushed over your meat at the END of cooking, just before serving. It is freshy, zangy and bursting full of yumminess! Give it a go! Super easy to make!

{Great with any type of meat such as beef or chicken}


Handful of mint leaves - finely chopped
1 x medium sized chilli - finely diced (you can use any type of chilli depending on how hot you like it)
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 teaspoon garlic
1 teaspoon of sugar
3-4 tablespoons of good quality olive oil


1. Add mint leaves, chilli, garlic and lemon zest into a mortar and pestle and grind until slightly broken down and a rough paste forms.
2. Add lemon juice, sugar olive oil and salt & pepper. Mix together. Taste and adjust sweetness or tangyness to your liking.
3. Using a spoon or pastry brush, brush your cooked meat with the marinade.

If you want to use this as a dressing add a little bit more lemon juice and oil to create a runnier consistency and drizzle over salad.



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