DIY Christmas Wreath

A bit of a detour from the kitchen renovations... final photo's coming (Once my overhead cupboard doors arrive... still waiting!!!) I thought i would show you a really easy Christmas wreath to make for your Christmas Table! It literally took me no longer than an hour to whip up. 

Step1. First you need to pick up the required materials from your local craft store (I went to spotlight).
1 x Blank Wreath
Bows, Baubles,Berries etc in your "theme" colours
Large Faux Poinsettia Flower
1 Church Candle.

Other items you may need would be:

Glue gun
Wire Snips
Medium Glass (Pasta Sauce) Bottle

Step 2. Fix/Glue the Faux Poinsettia Flower to one side of the wreath.

Step 3. Set out your "themed" items such as your berries & babules on the wreath until your happy with the position of each and glue.

I chose red, silver and white theme for this table wreath..... I picked up some cute berries, mini mushrooms, baubles, apples and bows to fit in with my theme!

Step 4. Once you have glued all your pretty's onto the wreath it's time to make the candle holder. Simply wrap a length of wire around the top of the jar and temporarily tie. Cut another length of wire, long enough to create a handle. Wrap the ends of this length of wire to the wire that is tied around the jar to create the handle. Tighten the wire around the jar to hold into place.

Step 5. Place glue on the base of the candle and place inside the jar and press firmly down to secure.

And VOILA.... you have created a gorgeous christmas wreath for your christmas table!



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