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I haven't got any more Feature Friday segments lined up for this month. I thought I would leave it until Baby darr is born and I have got into a bit of a routine to start blogging properly again. However if you are a Australian crafter/designer/businessperson and are interested in being featured here on a Friday - make sure you Contact Me to line a date in the future to do this.

I thought I would start a new segment for a few weeks using pictures of our trip around europe that we took in 2007 - together with inspirational quotes to simply brighten your day. The picture above was taken in Holland at the Kinderdijk. The scenery here was simply gorgeous and so picturesque. You couldn't help stopping every minute to take a new photo. I can't believe though that is was 5 years ago that we travelled over there. Seems like yesterday.

You can read about the whole day here on the blog we wrote as we travelled around europe - 

Happy Friday everyone............

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