And Then There Was Three....

If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably would have missed this little announcement that I made a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we've got another little munchkin on the way due in late October 2016. The third and FINAL addition to the family - I swear I can't do another pregnancy. While I am really happy to add another member to our family considering there was a real possibility we would never have kids I find being pregnant hard. Some people just flourish and glow in pregnancy, me well I am just a hot mess of severe morning sickness (all day sickness really), irritability, and hormonal mood swings among feeling frumpy, gross and zitty as a prepubescent teenage girl. Gah. TMI? Anyway, I wasn't going to post anything, but since I posted an announcement with the other two I thought I best not let the third one down! I thought I would do a monthly update on the pregnancy as it continues .... That's if I remember!!


14 Weeks (I think) My due date has changed three times so, I'm just going off an average due date because I have no idea at the moment. Officially by the obstetrician I am due the 24th of October, but I'm not taking that as fact because I ALWAYS go at least a week overdue or more.


BETTER!! The last three months have been hard. The combination of two kids, all day morning sickness and severe exhaustion I just about went insane. I think the morning sickness this time round has been the worst I have ever experienced. I only got about a 2-hour break from nausea most days around lunchtime, and then it would pick up with a vengeance and continue into the afternoon and night. I am surprised though as around 13 weeks it tapered off into mild nausea and then nothing. It was such a relief as with the other two pregnancies my morning sickness continued until about 20-25 weeks. I feel more myself, but there are still foods that cause me to screw my nose up. Namely meat, garlic, eggs (sometimes) salad or vegetables are hard to eat, but I force myself because one cannot live on toast alone.  


So this pregnancy was a bit of a surprise for us, yes it was a natural conception which totally shocked my socks off considering what we've had to endure in years previous to fall pregnant. So our plans for this year have turned itself on its head. We had some major renovation works in the pipeline and there was no way to deviate from the plan since we had all the work lined up and ready to go. So we've soldiered on with getting our house rendered, the roof painted and ripping up the entire tiled floor to lay timber flooring - all in the space of about three months. I was so sick during all of these renovations and trying to keep two kids rounded up and out of the way has nearly tipped me over the edge. I wouldn't recommend trying to complete work like this in the early stages of pregnancy. Not fun.
Now that I am feeling fairly well again I am back to doing some freelance work here and there but keeping things slow and steady and the pace pretty laid back. 


So I'm still able to fit into most of my regular wardrobe at the moment as my bump hasn't pushed me out of my clothes yet. That being said I popped way sooner than the other two. I look about the size I was at 18 weeks with the first two. So that's a little depressing. I will start posting bump pictures when I stop looking like I've eaten one too many burgers and look pregnant.
Since the season has changed to being cooler, I'm living in track pants and jumpers most of the day and if I have to venture out its jeans and a shirt. Read MEGA DAG!!


This varies daily and sometimes even hourly as to what I want to eat. It's funny some days I have really intense cravings for certain things like orange juice, curried egg sandwiches, or anything salty and carby other days nothing seems to hit the spot. Over Easter, I couldn't get enough of the mini chocolate easter eggs, and I eventually had to make hubby hide them because I couldn't stop myself. The weirdest combination I've eaten so far is peanut butter and marmalade on toast. Strange but funnily enough not too bad. 

Bump Appointments:

I hate the early stages of pregnancy and ALL the things I have to do. I think I've had a couple of lots of blood, my nuchal scan and down's syndrome test as well as my first appointment with my obstetrician. I felt like I was running left right and center for a few weeks there. I think things will now settle down as the appointments are monthly, and I don't have heaps of scans or tests to do now. 


My morphology scan (gender scan) is booked in for the 1st of June. We decided this time around we will find out what the baby is and tell our families. Not sure if we'll be announcing it to the world, though. Still thinking through that one. I am going to do a Gender reveal party though with our families and reveal it that way. Thought it might be something different to do since we don't do baby showers for the subsequent kids. I am so glad I have one of each though as the pressure of people thinking we want a certain sex won't be there! People have been asking me if I have a feeling what this one is and I have no idea. I thought Little Miss was going to be a boy so I was totally off with that one! Ha.

So there you go the first of hopefully many updates on this pregnancy. Make sure you stop by Facebook or Instagram to keep up with what's happening at The Whimsical Wife. 



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