27 Weeks

 Whoa hold the reins here people where has the time gone. I looked at my last pregnancy post and it was nearly a month ago. Time is sure flying by in this pregnancy I just need it to slow down a bit I still have so much to do before this baby is born. I think I will be pushing to get all my nesting jobs finished. I have now finished all my freelance photography jobs two weeks ago so I have been easing back into normal life a bit. I am trying to get my head around how far I am along and how quick this is all going.

Cranky (ha ha ha)....this week has really been awful. I have felt so irritable and cranky all the time and it will only take the littlest thing to set me off into a angry mess. My poor husband! Being tired has a lot to do with it and I think I burnt myself out a bit at the end of my last job. The day after I finished my last photography job I got a really nasty gastro bug. Worse thing ever when you are pregnant! I think my body was a little run down and it hit me right between the eyeballs. I had a day to rest before we had to travel 2 hours away to a wedding in Maleny for the weekend. I still felt awful and nauseous and probably should have stayed home but I really wanted to go. So I think it has all caught up on me this past week. A few early nights might be in order for this pregnant mumma.

Craving & Eating:
In my last post I was craving spicy things and pouring Tabasco sauce on everything. I still enjoy doing this but maybe not as obsessive as I was. I think the gastro bug put me off the spicy stuff for a while. I am back into my green smoothies to try get some good stuff into my body. My all time favourite combination (and J.D's too) is: Almond milk, celery, cucumber, green apple, spinach, chia, blueberries and sometimes a tablespoon of cocoa. Delicious. Whenever I pull out the blender to make this little J.D pulls out a kitchen chair and pushes it over to the bench ready to help put all of the ingredients into the blender. The kid is OBSESSED with smoothies and there is no way I can't share when I make one. Mega Meltdown otherwise.

I have finally started getting back into walking again. I live on the outskirts of town so it takes extra effort for me to exercise as I have to pack up the pram into the car and drive to my walking spot. I live on a highway so there are no safe walking tracks around where I live. When you feel a little tired and unmotivated it is easy to just not go. I am determined though to make these last 3 months count on the exercise front as I know how important it is for labour and recovery to have done some exercise. I walked a fair bit at the end of my pregnancy with J.D and felt that it helped a bit in my labour and recovery afterwards.

I have finally succumbed to wearing a belly belt on some of my pants. I still have two pairs what will do up completely but that is because they are fairly stretchy and sit quite low. I am a little concerned with the change of season coming up as spring approaches. It means I will have to start looking for cooler things to wear when I am at my largest. I was given a few stretchy skirts and I might have to invest in a pair of maternity shorts so hopefully that will get me through the last few months of my pregnancy.

I had to do my blood glucose test this week and can I tell you how much I hate it. They have changed the way they do it since I did it last time with J.D. I was able to eat the last time and only had to wait around for an hour to get a blood test. This time it was fasting for 8-12 hours followed by a 2 hour wait at the blood collection center to get three lots of blood tests. The glucose drink made me feel so sick and gave me an awful headache for the rest of the day. It didn't really lift my cranky spirits that day. Ha ha ha.

I had an OB appointment last week and everything is tracking nicely with the baby. Bub is weighing in around 1kg at the moment and he said everything is looking good for a vaginal birth again. Fingers crossed it stays this way.

Bub has moved up a bit and not sitting so low in my pelvis. I am starting to experience a few rib kicks here and there and pressure under my ribs. I know this is the beginning of the uncomfortable stage so I am enjoying the freedom of movement I have before I get so big and can't tie my own shoe laces. I have been getting braxton hicks (i think) for the past few months. I don't feel pain but a tightening of my belly and a quickening of my heart before it releases and goes normal again. I remember having these regularly at the end of my pregnancy with J.D but I don't think I had them this early with him. Hopefully this one won't be overdue like J.D was!!!  I can only hope.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I was trying to get J.D to kiss my belly in this  photo but he kept doing this.... oh well!

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