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Make Your Own Unicorn Tote Bag - Pattern & Ebook + Video

Make Your Own Unicorn Tote Bag - Pattern & Ebook + Video

I am so excited you guys. I am launching my Unicorns & Rainbow Tote Bag Pattern & eBook today along with a video tutorial that accompanies it. I have put in some serious hours to create this little gem for you and I am pretty proud to present my baby to you. This is the reason why I have been so quiet on the blog. Trying to juggle the kids and putting some hours into creating this tote bag left my blogging hours to nothing. I hope to be back to my regular schedule now that I am launching it.

I have become a little bit obsessed with the whole unicorn thing since creating this cute tote bag. Have you noticed how much unicorn stuff has exploded across the internet this year? Kaboom. I fell in love with the unicorn cakes and since creating one seemed a little out of my reach since cake decorating isn't my strongest point I decided to channel my inner unicorn and create a tote bag instead. Because everyone needs a super cute Unicorn tote bag, right? Don't forget to check out the preview video at the end of the post for a sneak peak in how to make one using my pattern & ebook.

While creating the template for this bag I pulled back my initial fancy design and decided to create something that the novice crafter could make. I know not every body's sewing skills are strong and why hold someone back from creating something as cute as this bag by a difficult design.

Totally stalk your local craft shop and wait for a sale to pick out your fabric and you could easily make this tote for under $25. I would love to see young kids having a go at making this along with their mums because I especially designed this bag with the kids in mind. I remember pestering my mum during the school holidays to make some kind of project. One year I enrolled myself into a quilt making class for a week and spent the first week of my holidays there learning how to quilt. That's how I fell in love with sewing. While I am not big on making clothes I love making cute little projects like this Unicorn Tote Bag as it doesn't require heaps of fiddling like clothes making requires and I complete it a matter of days if not quicker if the kids don't' get under my feet.

Let's get down to business and let me tell what is included in my Unicorn & Rainbows Tote Bag Pattern & eBook shall I? Okay so packed into this book is.......

  • 20+ pages of step by step instructions
  • 100+ step by step colour photographs 
  • Unicorn & Rainbows Tote Bag Video Tutorial - to compliment the eBook.
  • Tips on where to buy materials for your tote
  • Templates & Patterns to create the tote bag
  • One low price of $4.95 for all of this.

You can see a sneak peek into the eBook below.

I have tried to be as helpful as I can in explaining the process of each stage of piecing the tote bag together. The video tutorial complements the eBook so I urge you to go and check it out before embarking on making the tote to get a sense of how to make the bag. The link for the video tutorial is found inside the eBook. You can see a preview of the video tutorial the end of this post!

The most fun part I had in making this tote bag was the pom poms. I had bags of fun
So have I got you excited about making one yourself? If so click on through to buy it today!

I really hope so! So what is next? Let's send you to where you can purchase this eBook and video tutorial to get you started in making your own cute Unicorn Tote Bag. The link below will send you to my portfolio website which has the facilities to process your payment in a secure manner. Paypal and credit card are accepted.


I would love for you to share your creations with me over on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure you tag me @thewhimsicalwife and tag your creation #unicornrainbowstote so I can share your creation with others. I can't wait to see you guys put your own spin on it.

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